With a Little Help From My Friends

You really came through for me. Thanks for all the encouraging and helpful words of advice. We're not any closer to deciding on a daycare – yet! – but I am feeling more confident that we're capable of it. When I was pregnant, we use to remind ourselves that "people have babies every day" and that "if millions of people do it every day then so can we!" Perhaps not the best source of confidence, but it worked at the time.

So I'm breathing. And repeating to myself that we don't have to make a decision today. And we'll find a daycare. And it won't be perfect because nothing is. But it will be the right place for Colt. And us.

I know this sounds stupid but I think this is the first "real decision" we've had to make so far for Colt. I had a healthy pregnancy and pleasant birth so we didn't have to make any hard medical decisions, our current nanny all but fell in our laps and has been a great situation so far, we love our pediatrician, Colt eats and sleeps and gains weight well — and I'm beginning to think we have run out of dumb luck. Time to start thinking a little. Bleh.

We wouldn't even move him yet, but he's the oldest baby at Ms. Barbara's – and the only one crawling and cruising around. He doesn't have any peers and, honestly, I think he's starting to wear her out! So we're hoping to find a place that he can go for daycare and be able to stay for preschool. We'll see. Tour #2 is next week. I'll let you know how it goes.


 P.S. Happy Birthday to Grandma Martin! And happy belated birthday to Crazy Aunt Laura! We love you!

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