Silly Rabbit, Easter’s for Kids.

We went to Granny and Pop's for a cold and rainy First Easter for the little guy. We had to take pictures inside because of the rain, and due to the fact that church competed with naptime (And church WON. Colt braved the church nursery during the service, but wasn't too thrilled about it.) Colt wasn't in the best of moods for pictures and I don't think I have any good ones of his C-U-T-E Easter duds. I may have to stage some this week so you get the full effect.

9mo_B_48_edit  9mo_B_58_edit


(Yes, that's his Easter basket. Yes, it's a carrot. Yes, it's the cutest thing you've ever seen. God bless the people who make such adorable things for babies. They should get a raise.) And here's one more pic - of the Easter present that Grandma Martin sent. It's a bunny that sings "I paint eggs of blue, I paint some green, sometimes I use red, or the colors in-between. You can paint some yourself! With stripes or with swirls. And I think to myself, what a colorful world." — to the tune of "It's a Wonderful World." It's adorable. And Colt is pretty in love with the eggs – they light up.


Saturday we went to the Arkansas Derby with some friends. We had a good day, but Papa Clem tried to derail our good fortune by winning the derby… Crazy horse. Here is the gang at the track in Hot Springs. That's Jeff and me at the top, Keith on the right (Keith and Jeff are friends from college), Keith's girlfriend Kathy with him, and his parents, Mike and Brenda, on the left. We had a blast and have plans to meet up again as Keith lives right there in Hot Springs.

Easter 028_edit

Colt stayed home to babysit Granny and Pop – and they had a lot of fun. Thank goodness it was nice out on Saturday, and Grandmother and Colt could take the jogging stroller out for a spin. We had a great weekend visiting.

And because there is a shortage of Easter pics, here are some recent photos from the park in our neighborhood.


9mo_B_04_edit 9mo_B_06_edit


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