Reading, ‘Riting, and… Running Scared!

Jeff and I toured our first preschool today. And we have NO idea what we're doing. Is every single stage of parenthood going to feel like this?

I know it's only the first one we've seen, but I really felt like I knew enough about snacks and naps and the alphabet to easily feel confident in our choice of preschools. Wrong! I feel like I know less now than before we took the tour! Who knew there was so much involved in a freaking preschool? We have another tour scheduled next week at a different school, and after today we both feel like we'll have a much better handle on things after we have two under our belts and we'll be able to compare — let's hope so! I mean, we really shouldn't be making a preschool decision while our entire database of preschool information revolves around one one-hour tour to one preschool, right? *sigh*

Help! Bring on the advice! Let's hear it! Not advice on which preschool to choose necessarily, rather on how to choose. Open forum starts….. now!

9 thoughts on “Reading, ‘Riting, and… Running Scared!

  1. Erin went to Central United Methodist from 2 1/2 until she started kindergarten. I took her there only after hearing about ninety of my friends rave about the place. I didn’t tour it, didn’t check out any others, just called and told them I wanted her to go there. So really the only advice I have is word of mouth…it means a lot. Erin did great and had a wonderful headstart when she started kindergarten.

  2. The fact that you’re touring is key! Once you see several you’ll get a better idea. Some will say their quality this and quality that…but the best advice is to see it for yourself and get recommendations from others.

  3. As someone that works in Early Childhood education, I suggest you go to the website – – it has some great advice for parents. Important things are the staff/child ratios, relationships, curriculum, assessment, etc. A very important thing is -are you free to drop in at any time? Another important thing is their sanitary practices, and of course, my favorite, their menus. Good luck!

  4. Hey….his Father is an educator. Both Grandmothers are education majors. One Grandfather is an educator. I say let Colt pick out the best one! When he giggles the loudest as you “tour” — that’s it! He’s certainly got to know which is best from all the “education genes” he’s inherited!

  5. Ditto on the recommendations from your friends — people who have the same values as you. That’s how we landed at the exceptional place we have. Talk to people you know and find out what works and what doesn’t. And finally, trust yourself. The right place will just feel better than the others.

  6. This may just be because I’m not a parent… but I’m under the impression that you’re overthinking this a tad. I like Mom’s suggestion. Or better yet- just stay home with the little guy! Clearly that’s the best choice for all. :)

    ..and yes. I know I’ll get letters for this.

  7. Dude — We totally went with the place that we got warm fuzzies from. We toured about four different preschools (all of which were highly recommended by friends). I found that some were too institutional and some weren’t institutional enough. And it was a BIG TURNOFF for me when you could walk right into a daycare and not even be required to check in at the front door or know a passcode or anything.

  8. I feel like I would not be the best advice giver in this situation, so instead I’ll just say hello.

  9. Good grief Laura. She is NOT overthinking this. I don’t know about preschools, but I know about elementary schools. The warm fuzzy feeling is important, and so is all the stuff Susan mentioned. From working in two totally different elementary schools, and 3 day cares, trust me, you’ll know which one is best.

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