And If You Wanna Hear God Laugh, Tell Him Your Plans

I am sitting here completely and utterly drained. Mentally. I don't even know where to start, I'm just so blah.

I have spent every spare moment of the last month thinking about a business opportunity for myself and two friends. We had so much energy and excitement for this idea, and we were painfully close to sealing the deal. We met with attorneys, we reviewed business plans, we spent countless hours researching and thinking and dreaming. And it all came to a screeching halt today. We thought we had examined all the angles, but we didn't account for people being human.

And after all the momentum we had built up over the last several weeks, today is really deflating. I feel like I've held my breath for a month, and today I was able to let out a big, exhausted sigh. I still believe in our abilities and I believe in us as a team. But it's hard not to be disappointed when things don't work out. And it's hard not to over think it and wonder what could have happened differently. Setbacks are often hard to swallow.

We'll be ok. No one lost a job. No one lost any money. And, really, I learned a lot during this process. And who knows? Maybe all of this is leading to something really wonderful.

I don't have time to get too lost in it — there is so much else going on in my head. Colt is walking now and approaching his first birthday. Laura is coming home next weekend – having not seen this country for a year and having never met her only nephew. Work is moving at warp speed, with a big project that could make my year, financially. Jeff and I are preparing ourselves to make The Preschool Decision soon.

But everyone's healthy. And happy. And together. How's that for a plan?

2 thoughts on “And If You Wanna Hear God Laugh, Tell Him Your Plans

  1. But you’ve been showing him pictures of me, yes? I’m thinking we should print out a poster-sized one for his room… Maybe to hang over the crib? Just an idea.

    So sorry about the business venture gone bad. But you’re right- this could only be the beginning. No worries.


  2. A good enough plan B–for now :)

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