Time Flies When You’re Havin’ Fun

Today marks my fourth blogiversary! Four years ago today, I wrote my first blog entry – on Xanga. Wow. (I like to think) I've come a long way. From "Confessions of a 20something Drama Queen" to "Musings of Mother Hood". From Xanga to TypePad. From grainy cellphone pics to YouTube video. From late night tales of a cocktail waitress to early morning stories from a new Mama. 

Here's an excerpt from my About page that seems to say it best:

In all honesty, I first began to blog in order to keep up with my globetrotting family. We could post stories and pictures, and keep in touch in a whole new way. If you were to read through my archives you would discover that the ?topic? of my writing has changed several times since I started blogging in March 2005. I have evolved from ?College STUDENT/Waitress/Bartender Hoping and Dreaming for a ?Real? Job upon Graduation? to ?College GRADUATE/Waitress/Bartender Hoping and Dreaming for a ?Real? Job now that I?ve Graduated? to ?College Grad and Young Professional Starting my New Career in the Real World? to ?Newlywed Learning to Accept (and Love) Things Like Beer in my Fridge and (Seemingly) Round the Clock SportsCenter? to ?First Time Mama to the Most Beautiful Little Bundle of Photogenic Cuteness?. Through it all, there are traces of sarcastic humor, (over)dramatic ranting, and an unhealthy obsession with righting the world?s grammatical errors ? though I most commonly describe the content here as fun and harmless nonsense.

Here's to another 4 years!


And as long as we're talking about blogging… while blogging… A few reminders: 

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  2. I've added a few new photo albums in the last few weeks – so check them out. All albums are along the right hand side of this page. (I'm a little behind on all of the titles and captions, but you'll enjoy the pictures.)
  3. Be sure and check out some of "My Favorite Blogs" over there on the right. They're goodies and most of them are updated regularly. Enjoy. 

2 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Havin’ Fun

  1. Although I think you’re a TOTAL nerd for calling it a “blogiversary”- I am very excited for you. Do anything big to celebrate??

    And also- those pictures in the last post are way cute.

  2. Congratulations! Wow–4 years! I’ve been blogging for a year and half now and just hit my 400th post mark and I still can’t believe I’ve kept it up for this long!

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