Where’s a Phone Booth When You Need One?

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Either Colt got Superman jammies for Valentine's Day from Grandma and Grandpa Martin or he's channeling his Uncle Jason's obsession with admiration for the Man of Steel.

The little guy has been busy since his last update. He tipped the scales at around 19 1/2 pounds at his last weigh-in about a week ago and, as you're now able to tell from pictures, he is pretty proud of his two front teeth. And he has a few new tricks!  In the last few days, he's learned how to sit himself up from laying down (in rolling position…) on the floor, and he's pulling up!

Look out! The munchkin is on the move! I don't know what kind of performance enhancing drugs Grandpa slipped him while he was here visiting this weekend, but they worked! When I went in Colt's room to get him Monday morning, I was greeted by a big grin peeking over the edge of the crib! I have no idea how long he'd been standing there – so proud of himself with a death grip on the crib rails – but he plopped back down on his butt as soon as I walked up, so I couldn't get a picture. And it took my 30 minutes to get the video of it that night! Every time I'd sit him down by the trunk in the living room, he would stand up before I could push the button on the camera! He's a sneaky little thing!


My Dad dropped by to visit on his way back to San Antonio from visiting Grandma in Virginia. It was really nice to see him and we had a good weekend.  Grandpa was determined to teach "that varmint" how to crawl – but no luck yet. Still rolling around everywhere. Dad did teach him the pleasures of simple things — like the cool sound a foil wrapper makes!


We also met up with Ross this weekend and introduced Colt to Common Grounds on Dickson Street – but they don't serve pureed squash and corn, so he was out of luck for lunch. He's still all about the veggies and acts as if we are trying to poison him if we offer him nasty ole pears or apples. Weird kid. But I guess there are worse things, right? Someday I will be so sorry I ever complained about his preference for vegetables over sweeter things.


He's graduated from the Bumbo seat to the full-fledged highchair, and we've all but abandoned our original method of feeding him with his hands tied behind his back. Though all those weeks of learning to eat with no hands has served him well and he keeps his hands out of the way for the most part. However! We've started giving him "puffs" to eat with his fingers. Puffs are just what you think – little puffed cereal type food that dissolves in his mouth so he doesn't really need to chew but teaches him about using his fingers to get food to his mouth. The puffs, however, are marketing at its best. The packaging boasts "2g whole grains per serving" and at first I was as impressed as you are. Wow! 2 grams of whole grains. What a healthy snack! But upon closer inspection I learned that to get his 2 grams of whole grains "per serving" he has to eat 73 puffs. 73! (For perspective, I give him about 5 per day.)


As he is as mobile as mobile can be, we have permanently stationed the Pack 'n Play in the living room so he can safely play without getting into trouble in our yet-to-be-baby-proofed house. The sides are tall enough that he can reach them with his hands and stand up, but just too tall for him to get his mouth securely over the edge. Another few weeks, buddy. He can hang on to the edge and cruise about one full step before he realizes he's moving and freaks out a little. He'll be cruising all over the place before we know it.


Colt doesn't yet show true signs of the Martin Family ability to sleep indefinitely, but he has fallen into quite a nice routine. He takes his last bottle between 7:30 and 8:00 at night, is usually asleep for the last few swallows, and sleeps like a log until 5:30 in the morning. Jeff gets up with him first thing (LOVE him for that!) and after he has breakfast Colt goes back to bed until it's time for his shower at 7:00. Weekends adjust just slightly, but it's been working like a charm the last few weeks. He takes two naps during the day and swings back and forth between 30-minute catnaps and 2-hour marathon sessions, but it doesn't seem to affect his sleeping at night. And I hope he keeps it up!


I promise not to wait so long before another Colt Update – I know this was a little long. But as a reward for making it this far, I'd like to announce that there is a shameless number of new pictures in the photo album to the right and, after being a slacker for way too long, I've updated our YouTube channel with videos new and old.


Happy Almost-8 Months! 

4 thoughts on “Where’s a Phone Booth When You Need One?

  1. I. LOVE. The high chair picture. That should be in a contest or something.

  2. He is the cutest thing. Glad to run into your guys last weekend. I have been dying to see that cute little smile.

  3. How cute! I look at him and think “having a child would be fun” and then I think about the kindergartner I’ve been battling at school for 2 weeks and think “nah, maybe not.”

  4. I made the guys at work check out these pictures today!!! There ARE advantages to being a Grandma!

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