For the most part, I am pleased with the suggestions I received regarding my PSP. The good news is that I don't have to pick just one. The bad news is that - on the record – Laura suggested "The Keeper" (Google at your own risk) and – off the record – Jeff proposed a One-Flush-per-Day Rule at our house! Neither are bad sustainability suggestions, technically…

But the PSP I gravitated toward most genuinely was the reusable shopping bag idea. And let me tell you why. Dad suggested reusable shopping bags in an email early yesterday and it intrigued me. Then Nancy sealed the deal with her comment about how much they hold. Yes! My single biggest issue with Walmart (and let's face it there are several) is that the cashiers only put one or two items in each bag. I painstakingly put my groceries on the conveyor belt in a VERY orderly manner. I put all cold items together, all boxed items together, all toiletries together, all cans together, I save eggs and bread for last, and I place everything up there RIGHT SIDE UP so they can easily find the barcodes for scanning. Bagging should be a snap. Pile all that cold stuff together! Double-bag it and pile in the cans! But what I end up with is 40 bags each holding a bag of chips or a tube of toothpaste — and it takes me an hour to unpack the car and get everything put away.

(It's worth mentioning that I actually prefer the Self-Checkout, but I respect it like I do the Express Lane. If I have enough items to warrant more than a handheld shopping basket — I forego the Self-Checkout. It should be reserved for those with a few items. It's not a rule. Just my opinion.)

Nancy hit the nail on the head when she mentioned the capacity of reusable shopping bags. Sold! My new PSP is reusable shopping bags.

The One-Flush-per-Day Rule is tied up in committee.

4 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Being Green v 2.0

  1. You could compromise on the flushing thing. #1, no flush. #2, get rid of that.

    See? Solutions.

  2. Thank you, thank you.

    On the flushing thing, we have friends that have a cabin with bad plumbing, so their motto–I think it’s hung up above the toilet–is “If it’s yellow, let it mellow, but if it’s brown, flush it down.”

    I’d stick with the bags.

  3. I have reusable shopping bags. I love them, but be prepared. The checkers at Walmart don’t seem to love them and take FOREVER to load them. So, it will increase your time in line. And the annoying thing is they (at least in the past) have asked me what I want in each bag. I always think, UGH, it’s your job, not mine. But, I do love my reusable bags. They’re so cute and trendy!

  4. I’m very sad it’s taken you this long to convert to reusable bags! I don’t know why you resist my suggestions so… (But I’m proud you’re finally seeing the light.) I still use my Saatchi bag every time I get groceries. :)

    And what do you mean “google at your own risk” with the keeper?? That thing is sent directly from heaven. Check it out, ladies.

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