So exciting! Just recently, I had told Jeff that I thought Colt might be one of those kids who walks before he crawls. He was easily rolling around everywhere but showed no inclination to crawl, and I had resigned myself to the idea that he might not EVER crawl. Wrongo!

This weekend, just after I had said again that I thought he might never crawl "properly" with his belly off the floor — sure enough! Crawling!

And more crawling!

He's all over the place. Pulling up, crawling, sitting up. And now that he knows how to stand, he is no longer satisfied with just sitting. And crawling around like crazy is much preferred to sitting still and cuddling in Mama's lap. *sigh*

We were watching My Big Redneck Wedding this week (Nancy: Does that count as RTV?) and, at her bachelorette party, one of the brides was playing a game called Grease the Pig. I had never heard of it, but from what I gathered it involves coating a poor, defenseless pig in Crisco or some such thing, turning it loose in a barnyard, then trying to catch it. Picture that for a second. And now you have a good idea of what I look like trying to get Colt dressed in the mornings! How are they so slippery?!

Today is 8 months. 8. Months. Jeff and I agree that Month 8 may have been the month of some of the most rapid changes and biggest milestones for the little guy. He is getting two more teeth, pulling up, crawling, sleeping from about 8pm to about 5:30am no fewer than 5 nights a week (this may be the best development yet!), he's started holding his arms out to you when you go to pick him up (I LOVE this!), and is starting to feed himself. Oh. And separation anxiety. A joy. 

I bought some veggie-flavored rice puffs for him to mess with, thinking he could start learning to get them to his mouth. (Who knew there were so many skills involved in eating with your fingers? 1. Pick up the food with your fingers, squeezing it hard enough to pick it up, but not so hard as to break it in half. 2. Maneuver the food to your mouth. This is a biggie. 3. Coordinate the food getting to your mouth AND your mouth being open – simultaneously. 4. Let go of the food and close your mouth so as to keep it inside – not too early or the food falls out onto the table and not too late or your hand is already halfway into your mouth and you accidentally bite your own fingers. Then of course, there's chewing and swallowing – which is something else altogether. Being a baby is hard work!) So the rice puffs are a huge hit and he would SO much rather feed himself rice puffs than allow his uncool Mama to feed him with a spoon. So grown up, this one. So tomorrow I'm off to the store to pick up various other finger foods to try. I'll keep you posted.

Some of you may remember the BabyCenter updates I used to receive and distribute when I was pregnant with "Bump". Well, I still get them and, though they don't compare Colt to various fruits and vegetables, they are extremely helpful. They typically talk about feeding, sleeping, other things to expect at a particular age, and then some funny quotes from other parents. So this week, Your 8 month old: Week 1 tells me it's (probably past) time to baby proof (And that there is such a thing as a PROFESSIONAL baby proofer – Bah!), gives me some good "make him nap longer" tips, and shares the following gem:

"I briefly left my daughter in her crib this morning, and when I came back, she'd taken off her diaper and was covered in poop from head to toe. She was just sitting there looking at me and laughing, the little imp." – Anonymous

I can honestly say I am not looking forward to THAT scrapbook page. And here's another video for you, just for fun. (Yes. His shirt reads: 100% BOY.)

5 thoughts on “Crawling!

  1. Yay! Crawling! He’s so cute Sarah.

  2. Hi and welcome to MBC!

  3. No, that silly show does not count. And don’t worry–neither of my kids ever took off their poopy diaper. Oh, and when he won’t let you feed him with a spoon? Give him a spoon to hold too, and he’ll let you put food in his mouth. Works every time.

  4. My Grandson is ADORABLE!!!!!

  5. Came over from MBC. Consider your life over now that he is crawling. With my second son I didn’t encourage him to crawl at all (how awful I know).

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