My Creative Director and friend, Mr. Andy Tyer, has earned a reputation around Saatchi & Saatchi X as quite the filmmaker. Last year, he and his girls won $2007 in the annual Saatchi & Saatchi X Film Festival and a few weeks later his family made a short film that won them a new car on The View! He has finished his latest masterpiece and needs your vote – see below:

Hi, all,

In the interest of exploiting my children until they?re no longer cute, the Tyer girls and I have entered another video contest, and we'd love to get your vote. In this one, we had to show how Cellular South gives the best coverage. We did a fun little video called "The Many Adventures of Dad?, in which the girls look very cute, and I look like a big ole doofus.

Check it out here.


To vote, you need to register first. The register link is in the top right corner of the website. All they want is a username, password and valid email address. Then just click on the vote button in the window of our video. And you only need to vote once.

If we get the most votes this week (through January 17th) we could win $1,000. If we're the overall winner, we'll win ten grand!

So help us out!  And enjoy the video. We had a blast making it. Also, feel free to forward this to anyone you know. The more votes, the merrier!  :)



One thought on “Vote!

  1. That was really cute. Earned my vote!

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