Ice Ice Everywhere

We are alive and well! Some of you may have been watching weather reports of ice in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma — and we were right in the middle of what the news is calling, dunh dunh DUNH "ice storm 2009". So dramatic… Actually, they are calling this some of the worst weather of this kind they've ever seen in Arkansas — and reporters have been comparing the damage to that caused by tornadoes!


We are actually very lucky as we have only had a few power interruptions — most for just a few seconds, the longest stretch was a few hours early Wednesday morning.  The University is closed the remainder of the week, my office has been without power but should be back on line by tomorrow, and most of the area is closed for business. Becky went out last night to pick up some groceries, and had to go to three different grocery stores before she found one that was open — and then she had to fight off the masses for a loaf of bread!


Becky and Keebler evacuated to our house and we've all been huddled inside together for 3 days now.  Colt has enjoyed all of the attention and Becky enjoys the heat! :) She has heard rumors that they have restored power at her apartment so she and Keebs are likely headed home tonight. (Laura: No offense, but I don't know if our guest room will ever recover from the cat "aroma". Bleh!)


As I said, we have been very lucky. We lost several trees, but nothing fell on the house. We sat in the house Tuesday and listened to limbs popping outside. It sounded like shotguns going off. All of a sudden, one pop sounded particularly close and we stepped out on our front porch to see our poor Bradford Pear Tree - cracked from the trunk. We turned to get back inside and in the time it took Jeff to say, "I'm gonna get my keys and move my car before the other half of that tree breaks" we heard another loud pop. We turned around just in time to see the other half of the tree fall onto our driveway! It missed Jeff's car by INCHES!

Icestorm_63_edit  Icestorm_53_edit

There are trees and power lines down all over town and up and down our street. We took a walk yesterday to survey the damage and Jeff went to our neighbor Mary's house with a saw to give her roof some relief from the trees resting on it.

We are all hoping to get out of the house today, not having been anywhere since Monday afternoon. Getting a little cabin fever – but enjoying the time at home with the boys and Becky. And the ice – though horribly destructive – is beautiful in its own way.


Send warm thoughts our way!

3 thoughts on “Ice Ice Everywhere

  1. If I were there, I would be in charge of hugging Colt and keeping him warm! Glad you were all together.

  2. Excuse me… but how do you know it’s not a “Becky aroma??” Poor Keebs– always the scapegoat.

    Glad you guys lived to tell the tale! And you’re right- the ice really is pretty.

  3. Ohmylord! Those pictures are equally terrifying and beautiful! Glad you weathered the storm.

    I remember a few days of snow and ice, but nothing quite like that!

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