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Most of you are probably aware of Google's map feature. You can type any address into Google Maps and get directions, distances, whatever. I use it for everything – whether I want to know how far it is from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Sioux Falls, South Dakota or I need proof of a national cemetery in Fayetteville that I didn't know existed.

(I made a deliberate switch to Google Maps after my friend Jenni and I solely relied upon Yahoo Maps to get us around Dallas during our trip to see the Razorbacks play in the Cotton Bowl in 2002. We think Yahoo Maps has some sort of deal with the people who manage the toll roads — it sent us EVERYWHERE via the darn George Bush Turnpike. We got back to Fayetteville, talked to other friends who had made the trip — they didn't even know there WAS a toll road in Dallas! No more Yahoo Maps for me!)

So anyway. Last year Google Maps introduced a feature called Street View. And I'd never checked it out before today.

Click Here and type "W Live Oak, Fayetteville AR".

Within the map inset, click "Street View". A parking lot comes up. There will be little white arrows – click on them to move the view. This is the best part. If you mosey on down to the right, you'll approach the apartment in which we used to live. And you'll see this:


And if you use the little hand/circle/arrow icon in the upper left-hand corner — you can move further down the road and turn back to see this:


That's me! In my car!

But wait. It gets better.

If you keep moving down the parking lot to your right, you see this:


In the center of your screen, you see a maroon Camry and a red Jeep. And if you look really closely, you see this handsome devil:


Makes you say, "how'd they DO that?"

And makes me wonder – what are the odds of us both being outside when Mr. Google was driving around taking pictures of our neighborhood?? Kinda creepy, huh?

There you go. A good way to break up all that Solitaire playing Facebook lurking you usually do at work on Fridays. You're welcome.


2 thoughts on “Fun with Technology

  1. I think more than “Mr. Google” is watching!!!

  2. WHOA! Pretty cool. I gotta try that sometime.

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