The Big 3-0

We are creeping up on the 7-month mark, and all the holiday bustle has derailed my regular Colt updates. While I have tried to abandon the weekly counting – today (yes, today. It's 11:00pm. It's still "today". Don't judge me.) is 30 weeks. And Sunday will be 7 months. And despite my best efforts to keep him from getting older and bigger, and more independent and squirmy and MOBILE – he is doing all of the above.

Week 29_16_edit

30 weeks. He's been here almost as long as I was pregnant. Funny how perspective can change everything. The weeks of counting down to my due date seemed to last an eternity and the weeks since June 18 have flown. No fair!

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Week 29_39_edit  

The last few weeks have brought a lot of changes for the little guy. The scale read over 18 pounds at his last weigh-in. And he has two teeth now – of which I'm still struggling to snap a photo.  He seems to be over the first big teething hump and is dealing with the little chompers just fine. He frantically puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, but the drooling has decreased significantly.

Week 29_06_edit  

After the Christmas craziness, we've been almost able to get back on the sleeping/eating schedule. Until a few nights ago he was waking up sometime between 1 and 3 to eat an ENTIRE bottle – so we can only assume he was going through some sort of Hulk-like growth spurt. He's been sleeping all night again since Sunday – so cross your fingers.

Speaking of sleeping, the little guy has made his first real decision. He has decided he likes to sleep on his stomach. I can't blame him – that's how I sleep, too. But it is counter to every book and every website and every message board I've read! NO sleeping on the belly! ONLY back sleeping! Ahh! But once they can decide for themselves – what are you gonna do? Go in there every 30 minutes all night long and flip them back over? No one would enjoy that. No one.

Week 29_49_edit

The little chunk has moved up to the next size diapers and we are no longer in "New Baby" diapers. *Tear* And he is eating solid food with a vengeance. We give him a jar of veggies every night for supper and the nanny gives him a bowl of applesauce and oat cereal in the mornings. Yes, Lynn, we still "cheat" when we feed him… (At Christmas Lynn, Paige and Courtney watched us feed Colt some carrots one night, and told us we were cheating by double-teaming him. I feed him while Jeff helps me keep his hands out of his mouth. It works QUITE well.)

The biggest development may be how PAINFULLY close he is to crawling. He gets up on all fours, rocks back and forth with a determined look in his eye, then lunges forward, and if he doesn't land smack on his face (about 1 out of 5 times) then he lands on his belly – limbs flailing like a turtle. We're almost there. But anybody can crawl forward! Colt gets around pretty well on the floor, rolling over and scooting backward in a seal-like position. He can roll clear across the living room in a matter of seconds! Crawling is close. I can feel it.

Week 29_45_edit

I am slowly but surely adjusting to the fact that we are now closer to June 18, 2009 than we are to June 18, 2008. I'll make it. Happy 30 weeks, buddy.

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  1. Has the “dog” really lived in the wagon since Christmas?

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