Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise – Lead – Empower – Deliver

When I wrote about my sister Laura this morning and her unfortunate series of events over the weekend, it must have been my subconscious urging me to write about her. This morning, I failed to remember that today is World AIDS Day.

Observed on 1 December each year since 1995, World AIDS Day is dedicated to raising awareness of one of the world's biggest health threats. And my little sister has committed her time and energy for at least the next 18 months to this grave and important cause, as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana, Africa. Nearly 1 in 4 adults in Botswana are infected with the AIDS-related virus HIV – second highest in the world.

Laura keeps a blog of her experiences in Botswana – and I invite you to visit and drop her a note, or email her at She and her colleagues could always use words of encouragement — but they are especially important on days like today when the gravity of their efforts is being recognized by the entire world.

If you have a strong enough WHY you can withstand any HOW.


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