Sarah’s Wish List

I wish…

  • That I could say I found this photo only after googling "cheesy ridiculous Christmas lights."
  • That I could tell you this house is NOT in my neighborhood.
  • That I could say this house is the same house of crazy people that staged the tree protest, when in fact this means there are (at least) two houses of weirdos on our block.
  • That this photograph could do justice to the tackiness that has manifested itself in the house on the corner of our street and that photographs could capture blinking lights.
  • I were a better photographer and could learn to take photos without a flash…

Neighbors 076_edit4

2 thoughts on “Sarah’s Wish List

  1. You should make a drive through Harber Meadows. There is a house with no less than 6 blow up displays out front. One of which is a ferris wheel with Santa and friends. Not to mention the lights and window displays. Looks good Clark. Real good.

  2. Sarah, he’s such a little man! I love the pic with Santa. You’re right, life changes after one of these little guys! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
    Jessica Hillman

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