So according to whomever nicknames things – it's Cyber Monday. And time to start my Christmas shopping! Actually, I've already started – online of course. I'm a huge fanof the online shopping movement. Huge! Browse. Click. Ship. Ahh.

The only downside to online shopping is that all my favorite retailers have my email address — which any other time fo the year is a good thing. I get coupons, notification of sales, etc. But throughout the recent economic "downturn" all of my favorite retailers have been rather desperate persistent about letting me know they are giving away their merchandise – and it has culminated today. My inbox reads something like this: TODAY ONLY – 20% OFF – PREFERRED CUSTOMERS - TODAY ONLY - FREE SHIPPING – TODAY ONLY – BUY ONE GET ONE – TODAY ONLY – 40% OFF – TODAY ONLY TODAY ONLY TODAY ONLY – Ahh!

It's dangerous for cyber-shoppers like myself. We tend to push aside our self-control and start tearing through our Christmas shopping lists like mad people. The good news is that I may have all of my shopping done before the work day is over…

In other news, it snowed! In Fayetteville! In November! We woke up yesterday and let Colt feast his eyes on his first snowfall. He was underwhelmed. That batch of snow melted in record time, but last night we got more. This morning as I drove down our street on my way to work – I thought warm thoughts for all the people standing around shivering while digging out their cars.

Also! Please keep Crazy Aunt Laura in your thoughts. She had a "Laura Moment" over the holiday and is now nursing a broken ankle.  Keep your head up, Warona! And don't turn down any pain medication! We love you. And hope you feel better soon.

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