Gratitude is Happiness Doubled by Wonder.

I just finished sitting at my computer for five whole minutes contemplating my "I am Thankful for…" blog for 2008. Even now, it seems cheesy to list the obvious items of family, friends, health, freedom. But not cheesy at all to realize that every word of it is true. My eyes get wet and my heart overwhelmed when I think about the things in my life of which I am so undeserving, yet so very thankful. Without my succumbing to obsessive, list-making tendencies, know that I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life.

And I had such a relaxing and fun weekend – family, friends, football. We left Wednesday afternoon for Granny and Pop's house in Arkadelphia.

Christmas_Card_2008_024_edit4 Week 24 012_edit4

We got there in time to eat dinner and get to bed– resting up for the next few days. The next morning, Colt got up to watch the parade, see President Bush pardon Pumpkin and Pecan, and help Grandmother with supper.

Week 24 020_edit4 Week 24 021_edit4

Week 24 022_edit4 Week 24 024_edit4

Colt perfected his sitting-up skills while we were away last week, and really has it down. He looks like such a big boy. *Sniff*  But every now and then he gets either distracted or really excited - and topples over. We also took the jumper with us to Granny and Pop's and thoroughly entertained everyone with Colt's athletic abilities… that boy is a jumpin' fool. Thursday was topped off by a Cowboys victory and some fabulous food.

Friday, Jeff went to work with the TV folks at the game and I headed to Cabot to meet up with Andrew and Devon for the 2nd Annual CHS Class of 2000 Day-After-Thanksgiving Get-Together (which is really just Devon, Andrew and I getting together to gossip about everyone.) Also joined Devon's family for Thanksgiving dinner and took Colt to visit Tom's caboose.

Week 24 040_edit4

Friday was a long day "on the road" in Little Rock and Cabot, but we had a good time. And out of respect for his Uncle Paige and cousin Eric, Colt has promised not to rub it in TOO badly that the Razorbacks have been beatin' up on those lousy Tigers his WHOLE LIFE! Go Hogs!

The Teeds were all back in town on Saturday and we were together for lunch. One of my favorite moments of the entire week was this one:

         Week 24 049_edit4

Will and Colt were totally fascinated by each other. Colt really hasn't met that many other kids, and Will played so gently with him. Will didn't even seem to mind that Colt systematically drooled on each and every one of his blocks…

                   Week 24 041_edit4

We got home Saturday night, and Sunday was a day of napping, unpacking, napping, laundry, and napping. I don't really know who needed it more – Colt or Mom and Dad, but we all gave in to some serious rest on Sunday afternoon. I think it improved everyone's mood just a little.

         Week 24 063_edit4

I think we have all but recovered from the chest/cough/nose/cold/sneeze crud we all had last week, and we had a nice, long holiday weekend. Thankful for health, home, happiness and each other. It doesn't get any better than that.

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