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I know. I KNOW! It's been 8 days! That's an eternity in blogland. But let me tell you, it's been a hell of a week. 

For one, I am really out of practice as far as work goes. It used to be commonplace for me to work through lunch and stay late and go in on weekends to get things done — but things really started settling down the last few months I was pregnant and hadn't really changed when I went back in September. Well. The last two weeks have been desperately trying to make up for lost time. Whew. And being busier than usual at work didn't so much lay a peaceful foundation for the rest of the goingson in the days since my last blog entry.

                       Week 25 063_edit4

That would be my Baby First Aid Survival Kit. Yep. The little guy's been sick. It started as just the sniffles and a nasty mood. After we isolated my being driven (by work) to drink Diet Coke as the cause of the nasty mood – we took care of that. (No amount of energy or refreshment I may garner from Diet Coke is worth the beast of a child we lived with for those 3 days.) So then we just had the sniffles. We have tried not to be the typical "first time" parents – jumping up and down on the panic button every time he sneezes – so we decided to ride out his cold. Well, it turned into coughing and then into weird breathing. So we took him to the doctor yesterday. He's fine – just some congestion. He needed some cuddles – so we stayed home today. And I think he's feeling a lot better. Baby's First Trip to the "Sick" Side of the Pediatrician's Office. Check. 

It's been a big week for the squirt. He cheered his little heart out for Army last Saturday during his first Army Navy game. No luck for the Black Knights, but he held out hope til the end. Hooah!

                         Week 25 035_edit4

His newest trick (besides putting E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in his mouth) is removing one sock while playing.

                         Week 25 057_edit4

He comes home from daycare like this some days and it doesn't take him much time at all to get it off while he's in the jumper or his exersaucer. He's going for the Michael Jackson look.

In other news, we added squash to the menu this week – not a big fan. The little guy is within spitting distance of the Six Months mark. Wow. And – big news! – how many times will he get to campaign, "Colt for Heisman!"?*

And this afternoon, Nancy came over to take some photos as I still haven't done our Christmas cards… I hope we got some good ones. He was in a really good mood – so hopefully there are some "smile" pics this time!

I apologize for the lack of pictures this week — coughing/sneezing/sniffling/wheezing doesn't make for the cutest photo op… I'll do better next week.

*As you can probably guess, we are torn on this issue. While we are not disappointed that Texas got what they deserved this year (or what they didn't deserve, ha! — sorry Warren…), we have a soft spot in our hearts for Colt McCoy – for obvious reasons. We are not so much supporting Texas as we are supporting a football player named Colt. :)__________________________________________________________________

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