There’s No Accounting for Smell

Evidently I have bad taste in scent. That's right. One of the great desires of my adult life is for people to walk into my house and say, "mmm, it smells great in here." And it's beginning to look like a pipe dream. Which is especially alarming now that there's an urgent need for some relief from the "baby" smell…

Something like three years ago, I decided on my favorite candle at what was then White Barn Candle Co. – now part of Bath and Body Works. Creamy Caramel. It was the candle of all candles. It literally smelled delicious. Notice how I refer to it in the past tense…

This spring sometime, after we moved into the new house, I decided we needed to make it smell like "home" so I went to the mall to pick up a few of my favorite candles. I walked past the fairly pushy sales people who loiter at the front of those stores – because I knew EXACTLY what I was looking for. Creamy Caramel. Yum. I walk to the back of the store and stand in front of the candle display – looking for the distinct burnt orange slash cinnamony brown color of the Creamy Caramel candles. And I don't see them. Sally Salesgirl sees me looking confused and comes over to save me. She informs me that Creamy Caramel is a "seasonal" candle and won't be available until the fall. Damn. But! She is able to convince me that I will like a "similar" candle called Vanilla Coconut. Surprisingly, I do! I buy several and start thinking that maybe I've found a new favorite.

Fast forward to fall. Not that I don't like the Vanilla Coconut candles – because I do – but candles don't last forever, right? So I venture back into BBW to pick up a year's supply of my favorite "seasonal" candle. And I don't see it! No Creamy Caramel! So I ask someone – only to find out that they've discontinued it! How can that BE?! Bring them back! I promise to single-handedly buy enough of them to make producing them worthwhile!

I calmly make my way over to where I remember picking up the Vanilla Coconut candles six months earlier – thinking that I'll just accept this turn of events and settle in with a new favorite. I glance over the shelf. No Vanilla Coconut. In fact, I don't see anything from that entire LINE of candles. What the? Can it be that I have such bad taste in something that my first AND SECOND choices have been wiped off the map?! So few people bought what I considered The Perfect Scent – that the company decided it wasn't even worth stocking on the shelf. Nice.

Sally Salesgirl came over to suggest I look at some oil-burning contraption that – surprise – costs a fortune. I politely turned her down. And on my way out of the store – empty handed – I decided to take a look at some of the scents that have been deemed worthy. More worthy than my crappy, poor-selling favorites…


In case you can't read that – it says "LEAVES." A candle that smells like "LEAVES" is on the shelf in place of Creamy Caramel. There is no justice in this world.


Seeing as it is Friday and I received a fabulously futile (but fun!) website in my email this morning from a coworker — I thought I'd provide a throwback to Fun Fridays with this link. Enjoy.

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