We're all friends here, right? I can feel comfortable talking about things like breastmilk and baby poop. I'm not gonna post pictures or anything…

Almost everything I've seen and read about breastfed babies describes what we've been dealing with as "sweet smelling stool". While I think "sweet smelling" is a stretch– let me tell you that what this kid is puttin' out now that he's eating rice cereal STINKS! And it didn't come on gradually. No. One day – sweet smelling stool. Next day – WOW. Until now we really haven't had a "diaper disposal system" like a Diaper Genie — but I am seriously considering looking into it. Somehow, our little baby powder scented plastic baggies are just not getting the job done anymore. I was telling my girlfriend Teresa about it – as she has a 13 month old little boy and is one of my sounding boards for all things baby – and she asked what I had given him. When I told her we're still just eating rice cereal – no veggies yet – she smiled knowingly and shook her head. "Oh, it gets worse."

The good news is that the addition of "solid" foods is going really well so far. He's getting a little better every day at manipulating his tongue to get some of the food down his throat. And he LOVES the spoon. Truth be told, I have always looked at those pictures that people take of their babies eating, covered head to toe in green peas or tomato sauce or some equally messy food, and thought, "I cannot believe that people think it's FUNNY to ALLOW their kids to eat that way! It's gross and soooo not cute." I had every intention of feeding Colt very neatly and that his bib would only be necessary if there was some sort of accident. Ha! It took literally one spoonful of rice cereal for me to realize that it takes a split second for him to grab the spoon and wave it wildly above his head while spitting out anything that's in his mouth, raspberry-style, and laugh the whole time. It's not an accident that EVERYONE has pictures of their kid covered head to toe in green peas or tomato sauce…

Big weekend! Almost all season we've been 1 for 3 at our house as far as football. If Arkansas wins on Saturday – it's likely ULM lost and it's not lookin' good for the Cowboys on Sunday. But this weekend, the Hogs pulled it out at Homecoming against Tulsa. Jeff couldn't help himself – trying to teach Colt to say, "the Gus Bus ran outta gas!" – and ULM won, too! We thought we were going for our first 3 for 3 weekend of the season, but the Cowboys lost to the Giants on Sunday night… But Texas lost, too! So we're calling it good.

Also this weekend brought both the end of Daylight Savings Time and the maiden breakfast with the new griddle! DST wasn't too bad – Colt slept in on Sunday and has almost adjusted to the time difference with his sleeping. And Saturday and Sunday mornings I got to cook breakfast on the griddle that Grandma and Grandpa Martin gave "Jeff" for his birthday. It's actually the third griddle we've had since we got married — we go through griddles like my Dad goes through coffeemakers. This time they decided we needed a stainless steel, commercial-grade model– I felt a little like we were at the Waffle House!

Week 20 013_edit4

Colt has found his feet the last few weeks and is absolutely fascinated by them. With the way he's pulling everything into his mouth these days – I'm sure it's only a matter of time for the feet! He continues to have NO volume control with his squealing and laughing – which we love. You can hear him anywhere in the house. And he's somehow figured out how to roll his tongue and make a gargling noise. While squealing and laughing at the top of his lungs. It's great.

So last night Colt busted out his Election Night jammies. (No – I did not buy him jammies specifically to wear on Election Night. He just happens to have red, white and blue jammies. You might see them again next week for Veterans Day.)

Week 20 009_edit4   Week 20 008_edit4

Regardless of how you voted, it was a historical day. I heard countless journalists say that yesterday and thought it was getting cheesy – until I thought about it from Colt's perspective. He will grow up in a world where there is an African American president in his history book. And considering that segregation was so recently common practice in this country that we are still able to see live interviews on television with people who lived it, I think America should be proud of how far we've come. It's exciting. And it doesn't matter how you voted.

To lighten the mood — click here to read about Adam Fire Cat, one of Fayetteville's mayoral candidates this year…

Please forgive the lack of pictures today - the poor kid was a little overstimulated by the 600 pictures I took to document Halloween — so if you need a fix, be sure and browse back through those.

3 thoughts on “The Honeymoon is Over

  1. I’ve seen Adam Fire Cat on several occassions – as have you, I know – and one thing that I NEVER would have thought he would attempt is being a male stripper…!!! The thought makes me shiver…!!! I can’t help but picture him in a g-string bussing tables at the Village Inn like a tornado on crack…!!! *Shiver and shudder*

  2. 1) Fire was a source of great entertainment for me and my friends in college–for his busboy abilities, not his stripping.

    2) The poops do get worse. Fast.

    3) Forget the Diaper Genie–get a Diaper Champ. Myriad reasons, I’ll tell you if you want to know.

    4) Suggestion: Give him his baby food while he’s swaddled. There’s another more complicated technique–remind me and I’ll show you soon.

    4) I know what you mean about Colt’s perspective on politics and history. Abby was born two days after we invaded Iraq. We have been at war her entire life.


  3. Aaand, I put two #4s. Clearly I should preview before I post.

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