Sunday night was not our best work. Colt had the sniffles and didn't really know what to do with himself. He couldn't breathe out of his nose very well, so sucking his thumb was a little tricky. And sleeping was darn near out of the question. He finally convinced us that NO ONE would be getting ANY sleep unless he slept as physically close to me as humanly possible. I would like to be able to tell you that I stood my ground and made him sleep in his crib, but I gave in and he got to spend the latter part of the painfully early morning in the big bed. Score one for the small fry.

Monday night was better, he slept till almost 6 – in his own bed – so no complaints. Still sniffly, but still no fever. Tuesday brought more fun. Jeff called me from work to say he had a sore throat, I started to notice my own runny nose, and the three of us spent most of Tuesday afternoon and evening sneezing all over each other at home. Super.

So we've been doing what any logical family would do – drink a lot of OJ and cross our fingers that it's not the flu. We have plans to visit Arkadelphia for Thanksgiving – I think we're leaving this afternoon. So I hope whatever has infested our house is neither persistent nor contagious.

Enough phlegm and foolishness — on to cute pictures of sleeping babies!

Week 23 005_edit4 Week 23 012_edit4

Week 23 013

The Johnny Jumper is beyond fun. Colt LOVES it – and seems annoyed when we have to take him out to, you know, eat and sleep.  And as you can see, sometimes it wears him plum out. And since I think he is the cutesht widdle thing when he falls asleep like this – you get a whole slew of sleeping baby photos. I have more. Don't make me use them.

This week we had a few milestones. Well, besides Baby's First Head Cold… We have added peas to the menu, allllmost moved up to 6 month clothing, and officially grown out of our first item of baby "gear". 

We started peas last night and he knocked out his half-a-jar before I knew it. The munchkin likes peas. Noted. We'll probably stick with peas for a few days before we move on to really exciting things like squash — but for now, he's lovin' him some sweet peas.

I had almost forgotten how fun it is (for me) when Colt grows out of some of his clothes. Because growing out of one set of clothes means growing intoa whole new set. New clothes! Yah! So I got to wash the 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes this week because he can already wear a few of them. And I discovered something heartbreaking. Unaware of the unnecessarily confusing way that baby clothing is sized (which is another story for another day) I had placed several items of clothing in the 6-12 section of his closet that are actually things he could and should be wearing NOW. Ahh! So now I'm frantically trying to dress him in a handful of outfits he could have been wearing for months – that he will now probably grow out of in a matter of weeks. Bleh.

And the first item of baby gear to bite the dust – the bouncy seat. With all of the Johnny Jumping and sitting-up practicing, Colt has gained some serious confidence in his skills. So, since we are bad parents and do not strap him into his toys, he was able to maneuver himself out of the bouncy seat and onto the floor. He was not unhappy about this, mind you — and those of you who are familiar with bouncers know that he traveled all of 3 or 4 inches to the ground. He acted pretty proud of himself. And the bouncer has been relieved of its services.  

Looking forward to a long weekend of food, family and hopefully some rest. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.



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  1. Letting you know my sister is having her first baby in March and they “think” it is a boy so if you have anything you want to get rid of give me a shout. I would love for my new nephew to get some Colt germs (just not the stuffy nose ones). :)

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