ohmygoshmybabyisfivemonthsold! ahh!

Yup. 5 months yesterday. 22 weeks today. When do I get to drop the weeks and just go with months?  "22 weeks" sounds kinda ridiculous. And I'm kinda over the entertainment I get from watching people do the math in their heads when I say his age in weeks. …So 22 weeks… there's 4 weeks in a month, carry the 2, wait, how old again?… It's kinda like how Americans measure in inches and pounds instead of meters and kilograms like the rest of the world. Why be difficult? He's 5 months. Done.

Week 22 064_edit4

5 months, beautiful, and brilliant. He's starting to sit up some, but we have to be careful as he'll sit up for about a second and then face-plant into the floor. We've been doing a lot of "practicing" on our bed so he has a soft place to land. And his favorite thing to do BY FAR is to sit – and jump - in the doorway Johnny Jumper. I'm talking HOURS. Jumping. And Jeff and I find ourselves trying to think of ways to grease the spring in the jumper so it doesn't make so much damn noise.  I wish there were a way to capture the jumper in a photo – but you just don't get the full effect.

Week 22 144_edit4

The 5-month milestone brought the introduction of veggies. And for no particular reason, we decided to start with carrots. Cold, organic, liquified carrots. Yum. And over the course of the last three days we've progressed from my stuffing a spoonful of carrots between his pursed lips and being greeted with a wrinkled nose to his lunging at the spoon – open mouth first. The boy likes to eat. 

Week 22 016_edit4

And I'm sure you think I'm being dramatic about the smell – which is still going strong, by the way. I googled "my baby stinks" today and I'm beginning to think I'm either the only Mom with this problem or the only one willing to come forward. It's offensive. But we laughed about it this week and agreed that we're glad he's a boy – as opposed to a girl – because somehow it would be really embarrassing for a girl, but it's ok for boys to be stinky.


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3 thoughts on “ohmygoshmybabyisfivemonthsold! ahh!

  1. Why you gotta call me out on the “old Xanga site”???

  2. Little “Blue Eyes” is perfect — how could he possibly stink?!

  3. He quite possibly got the gift of smell from his mother, ???

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