Happy 21!

21 weeks. And less than a week away from officially being a 5 MONTH OLD. Ahh! That sounds so OLD!

It's been a good week. Still sleeping and eating well. And still stinking to high heaven. Colt is now one of three infants at his daycare — and he's the most senior member of the crew.The other two babies – boys, Ryan and Bishop – are almost 4 months and almost 3 months old. There are two older kids – both around 2 years old - who are making the transition to preschool at the first of the year, so Ms. Barbara will just have the three little dumplins pretty soon. Colt seems to really like Ms. Barbara and we enjoy the benefits of having someone like her so close in the neighborhood.

Week 21 079_edit4

Ms. Barbara tells me nearly every day what a handful he'll be when he becomes mobile – and I can always hear the voices of Jeff's family warning telling us that if Colt is his Daddy's boy… we'll have our work cut out for us. And I had my first taste of it yesterday. I picked up Colt from daycare and put him in his crib when we got home — the last few days he's been getting a little cranky right about 5:30 so I thought I'd head it off and let him rest for a minute – maybe take a little nap. I turned on his mobile and turned off the overhead light and went to put some things away in the kitchen. A minute later I thought I heard clicking noises coming from his room, but I could still hear the music from the mobile and I could still hear him cooing to himself. I walked back there to look in on him – and saw this:

Week 21 096_edit4

Here's a picture from the weekend back in May when we started putting the nursery together — that's what the mobile used to look like.

I really don't know how he did that. Last week some time, I mentioned to my Mom that he was almost able to reach up and grab the little animals on his mobile — so she suggested I lower his mattress. I did. Quite a bit. There is no way he reached up and grabbed one of them. The only thing I can think of is that he rolled over to the side of the crib – where the mobile attaches to the crib - and pulled it down from there. Not sure if he was protesting naptime or the mobile itself, but either way – Mission: Accomplished.  

I've had a few comments about the load time for these pages – because of the photos. So here are a few – and you'll have to go hunting in the photo album for more — they load easier from there.

Week 21 089_edit4

Week 21 015_edit4 

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  1. I love that you’re referring to the tinies as little dumplins!!!!

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