What’s in a Name?

I am slowly getting used to the fact that I have a "daycare baby". He hasn't been sick yet (knock on wood) and he hasn't come home with someone else's clothes or toys — though, to be fair, he's 1 of 2 infants over there, and only 1of 4 total kids in the house. So we have, at best, a mild case of ihaveakidindaycareitis. In reality, we are VERY lucky to have found Ms. Barbara and Colt just loves her.


For some reason, it's a HUGE pain to me that we have to start putting his name on everything. I know. We've been spoiled. Until this week – he was the only infant over there. So we never discussed putting his name on bottles or milk or diapers or blankets or whatever. But this week, another baby started at Ms. Barbara's. Bishop. He's about the same age as Colt, so they wear the same size diapers and probably clothes - so it's suddenly CRUCIAL that his name be on every. Little. Thing.

Couple things. First of all, I don't particularly care that Colt's wearing a diaper out of Bishop's stash or his own — they wear the same size and use the same brand. They also use the same exact bottles. But here's the crux of my case. Bishop has his name on EVERYTHING. It's nuts. The first day he was there, I tiptoed over to his car seat and peeked in on him sleeping. This kid has his name stitched everywhere- his blanket, burp cloth, onesie, hat, diaper bag, you get the idea. His mom also uses the same milk bags as I do – and writes his name in 3 different places on the bag. These bags hold about 5 oz of milk — they're pretty small. I think it's safe to label them – once. And she has little rubber band labels around his bottles with his name on them - think Livestrong bracelets. 

So basically this lady's making me look bad. Ms. Barbara asked me this week if I'll start putting Colt's name on stuff — but honestly, I don't really see the need. If Bishop has his name on everything he owns — then we don't have to do it, right? Wouldn't all of the un-labeled items belong to Colt by default?

(I can just hear my Mom…. "if you had TOLD me his name – I could have put his name on anything you wanted!" I love you Mom.)

The good news is this: the latent organizer in me is secretly THRILLED that I get the chance to label things! I am actually surfing LabelYourStuff.com and SeeJaneWork.com in separate windows right now……

4 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Its only preparing you for kindergarten where it is crucial to label everything! But I do agree, its annoying. We as adults dont walk around with our names on our clothing… well, at least I dont think we do…. I will check Jeff’s shirts… ;)

  2. I’ll have to agree with Jami. I didn’t think it was necessary to label stuff. You know what’s yours? Right? That was all good and well until the elementary school decided to sell navy blue hoodies. Now half the kids have them, and when they get left in my room, I have no clue who they belong to.

  3. I never knew…I had to see the rubbery bottle bands you spoke of and wow. This is serious business. I don’t even think my mom had different colors of permanent marker…it was all black sharpie…all capital letter…always.

  4. That’s why he has a pillow in his crib with the name BUMP on it!!! Had you told me his name before he was born, I would have embroidered anything on that pillow. But….nope the only name we knew was BUMP. Thanks to Crazy Aunt Laura, the child had a name before his birth! Thanks Crazy Aunt Laura!!

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