Another good week! We spent some quality family time watching the debate last night. Colt didn't care much for it, but he humored us.  I've tried not to be so apathetic about the whole election, but it's tough to keep interest in something that seems to have been going on FOR YEARS. I've said it before, and I'll say it again — there should be an Election Channel. Get as much or as little of it as you want. Like E!. It's brilliant – I can get nearly 24-hour Entertainment News. If I want to know what Britney Spears had for breakfast yesterday, I know where to go. If I want to watch presidential candidates point fingers at each other while unnecessarily repeating themselves – Election Channel. Seriously. —I can almost hear Tom groaning at me :)

So. Sweet 16. I don't feel like I took very many pictures this week — just under 100… ha! – and I really need to be better about posting videos as Colt is moving and giggling and squealing lately. It's pretty adorable.

This week brought the Johnny Jumper– perhaps the best thing that's ever happened to us!  Well, at least the best thing that's happened to Colt…

Week 16 074_edit4

We were a little skeptical at first – thinking maybe he was too little for it. We couldn't have been more wrong! My friend Teresa from work, and her little boy Chaz, let us borrow the Johnny Jumper as Chaz is too big for it now. It is Colt's new favorite. I told Ms. Barbara today at daycare — she needs to pull hers out of the closet. It's gold!      

Week 16 080_edit4

Lots of smiling and squealing this week — I need to post a video. In the meantime – here's my favorite picture we've taken in awhile.

Week 16 064_edit4

16 weeks!

Programming Note: Since the introduction of the new site, there has been a sharp drop-off in the number of comments posted. And while I have tried to convince myself that I don't need comments — it hasn't really worked. Just a reminder that it's easier than ever before to leave me a note. You don't have to sign-in or leave an email address or verify your identity in any way, really. I would love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Sweet 16

  1. I love your programming note..! I don’t post comments often; however, I always look to see who has commented…bizarre?? Perhaps..! Anyway, he’s adorable..except for the fact he looks just like his daddy..!!! I thought he might favor Auntie Keith a little more, but then again, that one would be extremely awkward and difficult to explain and he probably wouldn’t get nearly as many dates when that time comes. I’m definitely missing my Jeff and Sarah time, so, get to work on that baby-sitter..!!!

  2. I do comment, once in a while. Not real lengthy, but then how many different ways can you say ADORABLE GRANDSON?!?!?!?!?!

  3. have a note kiddo :) keep posting, the pictures and commentary are great. Love always

  4. He is awesome and getting so big. He is starting to look a little more like you. :)

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