Jeff is out of town this week for work and it makes me realize just how little credit I give him for how much he helps me at home. Colt and I both cannot wait for Saturday – when Dad comes home. Everyone sleeps better.


For some reason, only this week did I truly begin to realize how fast Colt is growing. In last week’s post I was marveling at his ability to hold something in his hand for 3 seconds if I carefully put it there myself, deliberately wrapping his little fingers around the skinniest part of the telephone rattle. In a matter of days he has gone from able to hold something for a few seconds to able to pick up a toy from the tray of his exersaucer, wave it around in the air, and use it to repeatedly hit said tray until he finds the buttons that play music and farm animal noises. He has gone from randomly smashing his hand into his face until he stumbles upon his mouth to being able to put his thumb (or finger of choice) directly into his mouth – do not pass go.


Sleeping has been hit and miss the last week or so. Not quite sure how, but we got off our schedule last weekend and have yet to recover. (And this is my sorry excuse for being a day late with my update…) We’ve tried a few things to ensure Colt sleeps all night and, since we’ve tried them all at once, have no idea which one is affecting his sleep or if it’s altogether coincidental that he’s slept well the last few nights. We’ve started giving him a little bit bigger bottle at night, bundling him with his hands out so he can suck on them, and putting him to bed a little earlier. We had been selfishly waiting until 10 to put him to bed so we could see him more in the evenings — but it looks like bedtime is going to settle somewhere around 8:30 for awhile.


When I was pregnant, there was no shortage of advice and wisdom and "your life will completely change" and "enjoy it – it goes by so fast". No amount of hearing all of that can prepare you for the reality of it. It is flying. My baby is 15 weeks old. (Insert cliche comment about 15 weeks turning into 15 years in the blink of an eye.) He can smile and coo and suck his thumb and pick things up with his hands and is generally the sweetest, cutest baby I have ever met. He drools a river a day and is reserving the ability to roll over as his ace in the hole — but he eats and sleeps like a champ and has had 15 healthy weeks of babyhood.

He changes so much every day that my camera is having trouble keeping up! I don’t know how parents did it when taking pictures wasn’t digital (and thus, free) — I literally take hundreds of pictures of him. And each week I sort through them to decide which ones to share with the internet – and I marvel at how much he’s changed in just 7 days. And now I’m crying. *sigh*


Nancy, our family photographer (when Grandpa Martin is not in town), met up with us again this week to take photos of Colt. (Though I desperately wanted to take pictures when the leaves were changing – and that has obviously not happened yet.) Fall is my favorite time of year – I love the colors. (I only recently realized that Jeff and I were technically married in the Summer. I have decided to ignore the reality of 16 September being 6 days shy of the first day of Fall and continue picturing this and this when I think about our wedding day — and it will be Fall in my mind.) So we headed out into the FALL to snap some photos. Colt missed a nap that day and decided to punish me by refusing to smile the entire time — lucky for us he’s cute anyway! Below is my favorite one from the set, but all of them are along the right hand side of this page in an album called "Colt – 3 Month Photos". Enjoy.


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