Happy 18 weeks!

These weeks are flying by – by the way. And I'm not quite sure how I got off on my updates – but if you missed the 4-month update this weekend you can check it out HERE.

And in celebration of the 18-week milestone – an original song…

And for those of you following along – the bottles now have his name on them. And! we're covered in case blind people ever need to pick Colt's bottles out of a line-up…

Week 18 109_edit4

Looking forward to a big weekend – Grandma and Grandpa Martin will be here tomorrow night, and Pop and Grandmother Hood will be here on Sunday! Stay tuned for pictures of the festivities.


One thought on “Happy 18 weeks!

  1. okay….so, the rubber band thing with his name on it is super cool. i’ll have to get those for some friends. and i think he is one of the cutest kids! i’m so happy for you guys. also, thought about tom on his birthday….it’s crazy that someone i only saw a few times and IMed through college had such an impact but he did. :)

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