A lot has happened since the last Colt Update! Last weekend was a big one – the Razorbacks won a conference game on the road (Go Hogs!) and we went to Keith and Don's to celebrate Keith's birthday. [His birthday was the 5th, but he's prolonging the celebration all month.]  While at Keith and Don's to hang out – Colt decided to humor us and ROLL OVER! He just nonchalantly rolled over like he's been doing it for years. I think we scared him with all the cheering and clapping — but we kept putting him back on his belly and he kept rolling over to his back! And since we weren't at home – I have no video! After he did it a few times and we realized he was going to keep "performing" we tried to record it with a cell phone, but no luck… I promise to catch it this week as I know all of you are on the edges of your seats waiting for it. :)

Week 17 025_edit4

[More photos of hanging out with Keith and Don in the "Colt" photo album in the upper right-hand corner of the page.]

So this week was number 17! Wow. And 4 months meant another trip to the doctor – and another round of shots… Our little boy officially weighs 15 lb 4 oz and measures 25 inches long! Both of which put him in the 75th percentile. Colt took his shots like a champ – and Mom and Dad were much better prepared this time around, too. The doctor said he passed inspection and we got the green light to start eating some rice cereal.

Week 18 079_edit4  Week 18 075_edit4 

The doctor prepared us for the fact that Colt would probably fight us and would spit out most of what we fed him, but he didn't hate it. I don't know if he swallowed all that much, but he kinda liked the spoon idea and we are considering ourselves lucky that we have a boy who likes to eat!

Week 18 071_edit4

Looking for a place that wouldn't be too crowded on a Friday night, and a place we (well, Jeff and Becky) could have a beer to celebrate Tom's birthday — we went to Colton's last week for some burgers and cheese fries. Check out the sign — I think we should have been able to eat for free!

Week 17 012_edit4

And a few "outtakes" from our monthly photo shoot with Mr. Bear —

Week 18 021_edit4  Week 18 037_edit4

Week 18 062_edit4  Week 18 026_edit4

Lots more pictures from the last 10 days – in the photo album. Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “4 Months!

  1. You should have told the manager who was dining with you and for certain your meals would have been complimentary! Go COLT!!! He really does like that spoon!

  2. I saw that Colton’s sign yesterday as I drove by and immediately thought of Colt..!!!

  3. Hey! I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures! I can’t believe how big he is getting!

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