Wow. I can hardly believe Labor Day has come and gone and we're almost a week into September. And that Colt is 11 weeks old!

This week we ventured back into the 'real world' with my return to work and Colt's first day of daycare. I am only working part-time this week as we all try to adjust to our new schedule. I start back full-time next week. Colt - 10 weeks



This is how he looked when I had to wake him up to get in the car. So sweet!

And I couldn't help but take a million pictures of him before we left the house —

Colt and Mom - First Day back in the Real World Colt - First Day of Daycare

Colt - First Day of Daycare I couldn't decide if I'd rather he cried all day because he missed me or smiled all day because he was having a good time. That's a lot of smiles that someone else would get to enjoy! But Ms. Barbara said he had a good day– ate well, napped well and was a sweet baby all day. Dropping him off was not so bad — he slept through the whole thing, thank goodness! But I missed him terribly all day and couldn't wait to get there to pick him up yesterday afternoon. I will eventually get used to having to leave my smiling bundle with someone else for the day… hopefully!

This week also brought Colt's first Razorback Game Day! And as usual, Mama couldn't control herself with the camera…

Colt - First Game Day! Colt - First Game Day!

Colt - First Game Day!

Colt - First Game Day!

Colt seemed to enjoy sitting with Dad this weekend and watching all the football. And the Hogs got a win! – which is always good. Maybe they'll go on a streak like they did after we got married — starting the day we got married, the Razorbacks won 9 in a row!

Colt - 10 weeks

Colt - 10 weeks old

Colt is still sleeping well — almost every night this week was 7 hours.  Last night was another 8 hour stretch, despite the Gustav-inspired storm outside and the party next door! I think it's safe to say he is officially sleeping through the night!

Colt - 10 weeks old Colt - 10 weeks.

I know no one was too terribly impressed with last week's videos (Nicholas…) — but Colt has learned a new "trick"! I haven't been able to catch it on video yet, but he has taken to digging his heels into the floor (while on his back) and scooting across the floor inchworm style. If I leave the room for a few minutes while he's on his playmat — I can come back to him being almost entirely on the carpet! We've been trying to convince him that if he could learn to do that while on his belly — we'd really be getting somewhere! The best part is that this new trick is wearing a nice little bald spot on the back of his beautiful head of hair…

Colt - 10 weeks old.

Colt - 10 weeks

No teeth yet – but he's still having some teething pain here and there. Mostly he's been drooling everywhere and gnawing on our fingers — still eating ok and hasn't had trouble sleeping, so it's not too bad yet. There have only been a few times when he's been fussy enough about his g ums that we've had to hold him down and get him to swallow some baby Tylenol. I'm not sure who they're kidding with that stuff – making it grape or cherry flavored — MILK flavored medicine would be a MUCH better idea!

Colt - 10 weeks old Colt - 10 weeks old

Happy September everyone!

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  1. I got to see all of my fellow PCV’s this week- and almost every one of them asked about my dear little nephew.  Haha- I told them all he was doing fabulous.  love you!

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