Everyone survived our first week of the new routine — Mom going back to work, Colt going to daycare, and all the dropping-off, picking-up, bag-packing, goodbye-kiss-blowing, and tear-drying that comes with it. We are still getting used to things – especially the mornings – but we are getting there. Surely we'll be used to this routine in time to start a new one!

Week 12 014_edit4

This weekend was a good one! We loaded up and traveled south to Arkadelphia to see Granny and Pop, and see the Razorbacks play in Little Rock. We hadn't seen Granny and Pop since Colt was just a few weeks old and it was great to visit with them. And they bravely volunteered to keep the munchkin for the day while Jeff and I met up with friends in Little Rock for some tailgating.

Week 12 009_edit4

Colt insisted on remaining neutral for the game — though he's a Razorback at heart. The Hogs managed to pull it out at the end – thank goodness  – and somehow we are 2-0 for the season.   

Colt Edward Sept

Colt Edward Sept

Colt had a lot of fun Saturday visiting with Granny and Pop and got to meet some of his cousins — John, Elizabeth and Will.

Week 12 037_edit4 Week 12 041_edit4

Colt Edward Sept

Colt is SO close to rolling over — in fact we couldn't keep our eyes off him last night because he was getting so close and we didn't want to miss it. Any day now! His latest trick is trying to eat his hands off (photo below), but he's also started grasping things in his hands and is a lot more active when we play. We joke about him doing his morning calisthenics — after a breakfast bottle and a diaper change he is ready to go! — kicking, scooting, waving his arms, and cooing! He's been "talking" a lot more the last few days. Unofficial weigh-in last night was about 13.5 pounds with clothes on — we still like to eat!

Week 12 017_edit4

Week 12 044_edit4

Week 12 051

Still no teeth — but they're probably not far off. If only he could hold a teething ring… 

Week 12 025

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