Hold the Phone!

Week 14 123_edit4

What a week! Colt is growing so fast — and changing so much everyday. This week he weighed in at just over 14 pounds, and I've noticed that several pairs of his pants that fit fine a few weeks ago are suddenly too short!

Week 14 035_edit4

We have been marveling at the level of energy he manages to sustain — kicking and scooting across the floor. He almost seems to be disappointed that he can't get up and walk around like we do! We are already preparing ourselves for the day he becomes mobile – which at this rate, will be sooner rather than later. We watched him like a hawk all weekend as he teased us with rolling over. He would get onto his side and get alllllllmost over – then swing back onto his side. Torture! It'll be any day now.

Another new trick – which is both exciting and worrisome — Colt's figured out how to put things (other than his own hands) into his mouth. We've been practicing holding things – which he's got down pretty well. He has a rattle in the shape of a telephone that has been the easiest thing for him to hang on to — though this frog is also a favorite.

Week_14_082_edit4_3 Week_14_084_edit4_2

Week_14_087_edit4_2 Week_14_088_edit4_2

Still expecting a tooth to make an appearance any time — we deal with a seemingly endless amount of drool these days… We found some small teething rings that he's able to hold in his hands and (sometimes) get into his mouth. But he mostly prefers chewing on our fingers.

Week 14 100_edit4

Colt had a full weekend with Razorback football, the Ryder Cup and the Cowboys on Sunday night. This is how excited he gets about Sunday Night Football —

Week 14 065

Happy 14 weeks, little guy!

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  1. My Grandson is the cutest!!!!!

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