That's right – as of yesterday Jeff and I have been married for 2 years. This last year has been memorable for so many reasons and I don't think either of us knew we'd be upholding our "for better or for worse" vow so soon into things — but such is life and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Happy Anniversary.

Color 256

And this week marks 13 big ones for the little guy — tomorrow will be 3 official months. We still don't know how we got so lucky to have such a sweet baby – we are having so much fun. Colt is moving more than ever — and really perfecting his "scooting". More than once this week I have gone in to get him up in the morning and he is on the opposite end of the crib than when I laid him down! We decided to get an Exersaucer so he could do his exercising sitting up — and so far he loves it. His little feet barely touch the bottom on the shortest setting – but he'll grow into it. He is still sleeping well and we think we deserve to see a tooth after all this drooling!

Week 13 018_edit4

We had company this weekend! John came up for an Honors College fair at the University and stayed with us Sunday night. Colt enjoyed hanging out with his cousin John – and all 3 boys had fun watching Sunday Night Football.

Week 13 037

We found him!  Here is a photo of John with his Dad's name in Senior Walk.

Week 13 035

This week I heard a song on the radio that made me tear up a little. Ray Stevens's "The Haircut Song". I know, I know – not exactly the kind of song that makes most people misty-eyed. But it's one of those 'sights and sounds' of childhood that brings back memories for me. When you're a kid, your parents' music is your music and my Mom and Dad had great taste. Ray Stevens, George Strait, Johnny Horton, Reba McEntire, Jerry Clower, Anne Murray. And I don't think I realized until I was a full-grown adult that that music had become part of me.

Week 13 028_edit4

And as I sat in my car on the way home from work this week, singing "You better get yourself a haircut – or a dogtag!" I started to think about what a cool thing it is that Jeff and I will be shaping Colt's childhood memories. I wonder what he'll remember? Will he remember sitting and watching football with his Dad? Or my singing to him when I rock him at night? I hope so.

Week 13 034_edit4

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  1. Love the “new site”!!!

  2. Love the new site! And Colt looks so big now. Tell Jeff I said hi!

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