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Smiling! Laughing, really. I think God knew what he was doing when he decided when babies would smile. It just so happens to be about the time they start crying real tears. While I am learning to handle the tears — the smiles are making up for it!

7 weeks! This week has been a big one – and I mean BIG. Last Wednesday, after my update, we got a scale so we could keep up with the chubby little guy. He weighed 10 lbs 9ozs!  That’s over 4 pounds in 6 weeks!

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We go to the doctor in a few weeks for an official weigh-in, but I weighed him again this morning and he tipped the scales at just over 11 pounds!

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Jeff was the unfortunate victim of our first diaper "failure" this week — and has been a little gun-shy ever since. Thankfully it’s only happened the one time so far — though I’m sure my time is coming…

This week brought Colt’s first bottle, which didn’t seem to slow the weight gain at all – thank goodness. The first few were a little traumatic – for both Colt and Dad – but they are getting a little easier with every attempt.

Week 7 005

Dad is especially proud of one of the gifts we received from a coworker of mine — and at the rate he’s growing, this kid will be playing for the Hogs in no time!

Week 6 066_edited

I talked with my boss this week about my going back to work — which only makes me realize how fast time is flying. I have so enjoyed being home with Colt this summer and can’t believe how much he’s changed in just the few weeks he’s been here. Never before had I noticed all the babies and kids that are everywhere I go — though Jeff pointed out that I really never ran errands at the "Mom" time of day before — and I find myself getting excited about a time when he’s old enough to do fun things like go to the zoo or give me a hug or track mud in the house. I’m trying hard not to "wish away" his babyhood — he’ll never be 7 weeks old again — and every time he falls asleep on my chest I think, "someday he’ll be too big for this" and it makes me smile and enjoy every minute of every day with him.

Happy 7 weeks, Little Man.

One thought on “What’s so funny?!

  1. You know, I really did get excited midday yesterday because it was Colt update day.

    I love his cute smiling photos at the top.  And it looks like some of his hair is returning!

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