10 weeks!

In honor of this double-digit occasion, I thought I’d try out a video post. Let me know what you think.

Videos will continue to get more exciting as Colt learns new "tricks" — for now he’s getting pretty good at grinning and laughing!

We are still recovering from our trip south last week, and gearing up for our big week starting next Tuesday. I go back to work and Colt goes to daycare. bum bum BUM – the real world! I have already begun mentally preparing myself for that day, while at the same time trying not to think about it…

Week 10 043_edit4 

I know this sounds crazy, but the Tooth Fairy made a stop at our house this week. That’s right – Colt is teething. Before all of you Moms out there call me crazy – know that I have already called our Pediatrician to be sure I’m not losing it (after I did my "research" online of course) and she told me that he is indeed showing signs of teething. He likely won’t get a tooth for another month or more — but is teething nonetheless.

Week 10 038_edit4

Colt’s neck and arm muscles are getting really strong and he’s holding his head up pretty impressively. Above is a photo of his newest toy/gadget for Tummy Time. He can spin himself around on this thing — and is really learning to love it. Tummy Time is much more enjoyable these days — and more so as he gets stronger.

Another video of the happiest baby on the block–

2 thoughts on “10 weeks!

  1. He is getting so big.  What a doll!  Glad everything is going so well.  Going back to work will be tough, but you can handle it.  Just think, next month he will start kindergarten and then the week after he will be in fifth grade!  I hate it. 

  2. Ok- so I couldn’t get the videos to work… but I just picked up the computer screen and shook it around to make it seem like the pictures were moving.  :)   I LOVED the pictures from the birthday surprise, too.  Miss you!

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