Where do we stack the empties?

Yes, bottle feeding is coming along nicely. There is still the occasional wrestling match – but Colt’s figured out that eating from a bottle doesn’t HAVE to be torture and he’s decided to comply – most of the time. It’s really put him on a more reliable schedule – which is nice. And I don’t think we’re far from sleeping through the night — we are SO close!

Colt - 7 weeks old Colt - 7 weeks old

We have officially made our triumphant return to Wilson Park – where we walked MANY a lap when I was pregnant. We are doing our best to stay out of the heat – but Colt really doesn’t mind the carrier so we’ve started making regular trips to the park for a few laps. He usually falls asleep by the second lap.

Colt - 7 weeks old Colt - 7 weeks old

We joke about Colt having "been" to the park so many times with us – and back then it seemed like forever until we’d get to take him along. I got to thinking about all of the places that he has "been" before (under his former stage name of Bump, of course.) Razorback basketball games, tailgating for football, a George Strait concert, West Point, the Dallas Aquarium, a Spurs basketball game, Ross Perot’s jet! He’s well traveled already – and doesn’t even know it!

Colt - 7 weeks old Colt - 7 weeks old

8 weeks – wow. It’s been a good week. Colt is awake and alert much more during the day – which is fun – and we’ve continued taking him with us to go eat or to see friends. We are hoping all of the in-and-out-of-the-car and the various noises at home/the park/Wal-Mart/restaurants will make him a sound sleeper. We’ll see!

Colt - 7 weeks old Colt - 7 weeks old

As you can see from the photos – Colt hasn’t been missing any meals… He’s got the cutest little chubby arms and legs — and the belly! We go to the doctor on Monday for our 2-month check-up and weigh-in. Stay tuned.

(As always – more photos in the albums.)

Whose kid is that??

Colt - 6 weeks old JHcirca1968

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  1. I love the hat!  So cute… And yes- do tell- whose kid is that??

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