I’ve noticed that as people get older – the description of their age is less and less specific. You hear about babies being 6 minutes or 3 hours old, then 2 days old, then it’s weeks – until about 8 weeks, then you get to count months for a while – probably until 24 months, then it’s finally years.

So Colt is 90,720 minutes OR 1512 hours OR 63 days OR 9 weeks OR 2 months old. (Yesterday…)

And he survived his 2 month checkup at the doctor on Monday. Colt weighs 11 lbs 14.5 oz and is 22.5 inches long! Our healthy little boy also was a champ through his second round of shots. He had a few in the hospital when he was born, but we weren’t there to watch. So this was the first round of shots for Mom and Dad — it was rough. But Colt was a trooper.


The rest of the checkup went great — Colt is 2 for 2 with gold stars from the doctor! He’s holding his head up well, is starting to grasp things in his hands, and is clearly growing well! We were pleased with another A+ for the munchkin.

Colt spent most of Monday afternoon in an InfantTylenol-induced stupor after the shots ordeal. While I spent the rest of the day getting us ready for… Baby’s First Roadtrip!

Yesterday was Grandpa Martin’s 60th Birthday — and in true Ed Martin fashion, he insisted that no fuss be made of his birthday. We tried to get him to plan a trip or a party — and he wasn’t having it. So we all got together and decided to bring the party to HIM! Becky, Colt and I loaded up and left Fayetteville early Tuesday morning, Erika drove in from Savannah, and Mom (who was scheduled to be working at Ft. Hood all week) drove in from a few hours north — and we all rendezvoused just north of San Antonio and convoyed to the house to surprise him.

SarahColt040_edit4 SarahColt002_edit4

It’s not every day you sit down to quietly watch some Olympics reruns only to hear the doorbell ring and find your family waiting outside to surprise you! We couldn’t get Laura in from Africa (we’re not miracle workers!) and Jeff couldn’t come because students are back on campus up in Fayetteville — but Dad was thrilled to see us.

SarahColt007_edit4b SarahColt003_edit4

Of course, we know who Grandma and Grandpa were REALLY thrilled to see!


We are staying all week, so more photos to come. In return for this update being a day late (sorry…) I’ll have a special Weekend Edition of the Colt Report when we get home on Sunday — so be looking for it.

In the meantime, I stumbled upon a fun link and thought I’d share. Enjoy —

mag1 mag3 mag4 mag2


2 thoughts on “9 weeks/2 months

  1. You got lucky.  I’ve been so engrossed with new teacher training that I didn’t even realize today was Thursday.  I guess I’ll forgive your tardiness. 

    Baby Colt looks wonderful.  And aren’t you sweet to surprise your dad like that!

  2. I love paparazzi baby!…(I probably didn’t spell that right)

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