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First and foremost, at the risk of jinxing us, I would like to announce that I got 7 (consecutive!) hours of sleep last night for the first time since June 18! That’s right friends – Colt slept through the night. He actually slept 8 hours – but Jeff and I woke up an hour before he did this morning and didn’t quite know what to do with ourselves! I know better than to think he will sleep that well every night from now on – but one night is a start!

In other exciting news — I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans to dinner tonight!

On to the important stuff – pictures! I gave you a sneak peak of our trip in my usual Wednesday update, but there are more fun photos here and in the "Colt" photo album.

Well – 5 days and some 1300 miles later – we are home. Colt did well in the car, sleeping a lot of the way, but 8 hours at a time is about his limit. Considering the longest he’d been in the car before this week may have been an hour – he was a trooper.

Week 10 105_edit4 Week 10 142_edit4

We saw this great double rainbow as we arrived in San Antonio on Tuesday – and that rain kept things relatively cool the whole time we were there. We couldn’t have asked for better weather – in August!

Week 10 134 Week 10 149

Wednesday was Grandpa’s birthday – Happy 60th! We went out for supper to Rio Mambo and had cake and ice cream at home.

Week 10 066_edit4 Week 10 068_edit4

Colt not only wore his "MY GRANDPA RULES!" t-shirt for the occasion, but also pulled out his cowboy hat — since we were in Texas and all.

Week 10 072_edit4 Week 10 073_edit4

Week 10 150_edit4

Thursday was spent napping and hanging out at home — two of Colt’s favorite things to do. This is a rare photo of Colt and Chip in close proximity. Chip was pretty down in the mouth about the munchkin that had invaded his house and was manipulating his otherwise undivided attention from Grandma and Grandpa. I don’t think he was sad to see us go on Saturday.

Friday we took a trip! Mom had tickets for us to see a show at the Rockbox Theater in Fredericksburg. So we loaded up and headed out for the day. On the way to Fredericksburg – we stopped in Luckenbach!

Week 10 089_edit4

Colt and I met this nice longhorn named "Shotgun" — and, though I kept calling it a cow, Shotgun’s handler (who we’ve just been referring to as "Tex") let us snap a few pictures. This photo definitely doesn’t do justice to how TALL this cow was.

Week 10 096_edit4 Week 10 082_edit4

We went on to Fredericksburg– walked around the shops a bit, ate at a traditional German restaurant (yum!), and saw the show at the Rockbox. What a fun day!

Saturday we packed the car to the gills and headed home.  Colt has now survived his first road trip and can cross two more states off his list.  It was such a fun trip and I’m sure everyone is still recovering– it was good to get to see Grandpa on his birthday, roadtrip with Aunt Becky, visit with Erika, and celebrate (Chief!) Grandma’s promotion! It’s fun to travel – but good to be home. Dad missed us, though I’m sure he enjoyed the quiet for a few days!

I’m off to bed – cross your fingers for another full night’s sleep!

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