3 weeks!

Time is flying! Colt is 3 weeks old today and growing like crazy. He gained back up to his birth weight (and then some!) before he was a week old — and, though we haven’t been back to the doctor for an official weigh-in, I swear he’s gotta be 8 pounds by now. When we were at Keith and Don’s last weekend for the 4th, we weighed the little guy on their bathroom scale — 8 pounds — but with his clothes on and everything, I don’t know how accurate that is.

Week 3 010_edited4 Week 3 003 Week 3 027_edited

He’s eating well and sleeping well, and Jeff is trying to keep me from getting cabin fever by taking the two of us out – in some fashion – nearly every day. Colt’s made appearances at Wal-Mart, Jason’s Deli, Sam’s Club, Chick-fil-A, the Post Office, Target, and today we had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. He is SO good for the most part and mostly sleeps while we’re out.

Week 3 018_edited Week 3 002

Colt’s already pretty good about keeping his days and nights straight — and we spend our days playing on the floor, reading, and dancing to music on GAC tv. I can already tell that he inherited his parents’ love of Country music and it soothes him like little else.

Week 3 012_edited

I think he’s really close to smiling, and his muscles are getting very strong — he’ll be holding up his head and rolling over in no time!

Week 3 007_edited

2 thoughts on “3 weeks!

  1. Hey, Sarah, it is J-Fro from work. Your little guy is gorgeous! I am enjoying watching him grow up before my eyes on your web site!

  2. I have the cutest Grandson!!!!

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