6 weeks old!

Right after Colt was born, Nancy told me that 6 weeks was the magical time in a new Mom’s life that things seem to settle into a routine and she’s no longer the completely-clueless-crazy-person-with-the-new-baby — rather she’s starting to feel "normal" and a little more in control of things. I’ve really felt that the last few days. I was just thinking yesterday how it’s starting to be no big deal to throw all our stuff in the car and go run errands during the day. If it weren’t so God awful hot, we’d probably do more outside — but just about the time the weather starts getting nicer, Colt will be a little older and more willing to hang out outside with us. I’m looking forward to that. But when Nancy told me that 6 weeks ago (and even a week ago!) I thought she was crazy and that I would never feel like I knew what I was doing. Not that I have it all figured out — ha! — but I’m starting to feel more confident and much more calm about taking care of him.

Colt - 5 weeks old Colt - 5 weeks old

So he’s much more consistent these days and can reliably go 2 or 3 hours between feedings — so we’ve continued trying to get out of the house at least once a day. It gets a little easier every time. And this past weekend we almost got back into our normal (pre-baby) "weekend routine." ‘Almost’ because there was no sleeping in, but there was golf and there was homemade weekend breakfast and there was napping — it was nice. Saturday afternoon I did a little What Not to Wear action on my closet in preparation for going back to work in September — and laughed at how long it’s been since I’ve worn my clothes!

Colt - 5 weeks old Colt - 5 weeks old

Colt has almost lost all of the dark hair he was born with — there are still a few random tufts left toward the back of his head. And he’s got some pretty good peach fuzz all over where it’s starting to grow back! And his eyes have lightened a little from the dark blue that they were when he was born. He has been sleeping almost 6 hours (in a row!) at night the last few days – which is WONDERFUL. And as long as I don’t eat any dairy products he’s in a really pleasant mood.  He’s doing really great — he goes to bed easily most nights, baths are less and less traumatic each time, he holds his head up unless he’s really tired and forgets how, and he’s starting to get less frustrated with his "tummy time" baby exercises.

Colt - 5 weeks old Colt - 5 weeks old

We went to pick up Colt’s pottery this week! A friend of mine owns a paint-your-own pottery studio here in Fayetteville called Different Strokes, and she wanted to do a keepsake plate for Colt — so when he was 2 weeks old we went down and immortalized his little feet! She did a great job – I love it.

Colt - 2 weeks old Colt - 2 weeks old Different Strokes pottery studio in Fayetteville

3 thoughts on “6 weeks old!

  1. He’s growing up and I’m not close enough to see him.  :*(

  2. Honey, he’s way cute!  I love that he’s an errand runnin trooper and the pic with the hand is fantastic!  I cannot wait to meet him and just to see you…I miss ya dearly…love all of ya!

  3. That plate is so cute!  You guys will soon have an entire plate collection to document your lives… 

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