Tomorrow Colt will be 2 whole weeks old – which is truly hard to believe. We waited for him for so long and we are enjoying every minute of him being here. I am almost ready to say that I can’t remember what we did without him.


He’s such a sweet little guy, and – understandably – I’ve been unable to fight off the visitors since he arrived. We have been so lucky to be surrounded by family and friends the last few weeks– coming to visit, bringing supper, and helping us keep some sanity by helping out around the house. (Not to mention how polite everyone has been in not commenting on our overrun-by-baby-ness little house!)

Being the Northwest Arkansas native that he is, it is only fitting that Colt make a pilgrimage second only to a Razorback sporting event — Wal-Mart! He escorted me on a short trip late last week, and – though he slept the whole time – seemed to enjoy himself.


And Grandmother and Pop came to visit this weekend! Grandmother tried unsuccessfully to convince Pop that they had come to take Colt home with them – but they enjoyed meeting him and we had a nice weekend.

GmaPopWknd010 GmaPopWknd011 GmaPopWknd012

Nearly as important as attending a game and calling the Hogs – we took Colt on a walk around campus on Sunday. Among his cool new toys (most of which he is not quite big enough to enjoy yet) is a jogging stroller – courtesy of Ross. It completely dwarfs him and I’m fairly certain the harness system in the seat would protect him should we want to stroll to the Moon and back — but he loved it. We walked around campus and got some much needed fresh air.

GmaPopWknd006 GmaPopWknd008_edited

Looking forward to a thrilling and fun-filled Week 3 — we’ll keep you updated!


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  1. I know I keep saying it- but he really is adorable!  So tiny!  And yes- that stroller looks like quite the item… 

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