Becky and Colt - 3 weeks old Colt - 3 weeks old

Another exciting week in the life of Baby Hood! Though I couldn’t quite get my act together to have Colt participate in Cow Appreciation Day last weekend at Chick-fil-A, we did have a good week.

I know I’ve mentioned before that our backyard is like our own personal Wild Kingdom. This week was no different. In addition to our regulars – the bunnies, cats, and at least one unwelcome mole – we had these critters:

Week 4 002

We needed you, Chip! We still haven’t seen any bears, so you must have scared them all away when you were last here.

Jeff is back from his trip out west to Mt. Rainier – and my few days of single parenthood are finally over!

Rainier 049 Rainier 052

He had a good time and is glad to be home. While he was gone, Nancy and her family took me in — so Colt and I spent the weekend playing Wii bowling (which I am embarrassed to admit made me sore for days) and hanging out with Nancy, Matt, Abby and Ethan.

Abby and Colt - 3 weeks old

Abby and Colt – singing the ABCs.

Colt - 3 weeks old

We had such a good time that we stayed all day Saturday. Inexperienced first-timer that I am, I didn’t anticipate how long we’d be gone and I didn’t bring enough diapers. So as we were leaving Saturday night – Matt and Nancy helped me put this HUGE diaper from Ethan’s stash on Colt for the ride home. Poor guy.

We had a few visitors from my office this week, too – which was great. It was good to see all of them and catch up on what’s been going on at work. Other than that it’s been a nice, quiet, fourth week of "babyhood" for Colt and me. He’s still eating and sleeping well – and growing like crazy. I didn’t get to weigh him this week – but I think he’s easily up to 8 pounds. And his Mama is trying not to get too upset at his beautiful little baby head going bald!

Thanks to all of you for the happy thoughts and well wishes —

Colt - 3 weeks oldColt - 3 weeks old Colt - 3 weeks oldColt - 3 weeks old

3 thoughts on “One Month Young

  1. That big diaper reminds me of the times I enjoy wearing my khakis very high…where the waist is up around my voluptuous boobies…!!!   Auntie Keith

  2. I wished I lived closer!  He’s such a cutie!

  3. President Hood?  It definitely has a ring to it… 

    That diaper cracks me up.  Poor guy, indeed.

    And Jeff’s trip looks AMAZING!  Pencil me in for the next one. I promise I won’t fall off the mountain.

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