It?s hard to believe he?s been here a whole week already! It?s been very exciting ? and I know everyone is anxious for updates on the little guy.

We got home late Thursday night after we endured what we gather was one of the more pleasant Labor and Delivery experiences EVER. As Frank and Sarah put it ? we think we?ve hit the Baby Lottery. Healthy pregnancy, easy delivery, healthy baby J And he shares a birthday with a few notables ? Aunt Erlene, Ms. Linda, and Sam Woods!

Colt Hospital019 Colt Hospital026 Colt001_edited Colt Edmund 044

Grandma and Grandpa Martin made it to town to visit in the hospital before we came home, and Aunt Becky was there, too. Tara, Jami, Autumn and Nancy also couldn?t resist and dropped by to see us in the hospital.  Friday ? at home, Aunt Lynn drove up from Little Rock to say hello ? and tried her hardest to convince Jeff that Colt needs some LSU duds ? good luck, Lynn! J And Beth and Ms. Connie came to say hi. Saturday, Frank and Sarah brought lunch and we had a good time visiting with them. We have loved all the visitors and are so thrilled that everyone is as excited as we are that Colt is finally here! It takes a village, right?

First Week007 First Week004 First Week016 Colt Edmund 040

First night at home was good ? only woke up twice to eat. Colt?s been letting us sleep 3 or 4 hours at a time ? so no complaints there! And he?s started eating like a madman in the last few days ? so we were anxious to hear the doctor?s report at our appointment yesterday morning. He weighed 6lbs 6oz at birth and was down to 6lbs when we left the hospital. We had read that it takes babies 7-10 days to get back up to their birth weight and breastfed babies ? sometimes longer. So we were mostly hoping he hadn?t lost more weight by his appointment. Well? the little porker weighs 6lbs 8.5ozs! Even the doctor was impressed! Everything else checked out, the doctor gave Colt an ?A+?, and told us we were ?remarkably relaxed? for first time parents. We walked out of his office beaming ? yah! Gold star for Colt!

Colt Edmund 034 Colt Edmund 041

Thank you so much for all the well wishes, congratulations, and prayers ? we have never been so thankful for friends and family. We would love to see you ? any and all of you ? please let us know if you?ll be in town.

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  1. Congratulations from the Morrisons!  He’s a handsome boy!  We’re glad to hear he’s behaving himself.

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