Who would want to own a house??

I would really appreciate it if all of the utilities and appliances in our house would band together and simultaneously WORK APPROPRIATELY for 24 hours in a row!

You may remember the washer issues that we had recently. Turns out that was only the beginning… I have (in the last 10 days) been on the phone with repairmen for the following:

  • Dryer: After a week of playing phone-tag, this marks the second time in 30 days for the dryer repairman. Oddly enough, the dryer started making the same God-awful metal grinding noise as the washer had been making. So Ray came out to fix it. Again. It seems to be ok – for now.
  • Cable Internet: After waiting on hold for over 30 minutes – twice in 4 days – I scheduled a serviceman to come to the house. He was here approximately 10 minutes before informing me that the signal to our house was “too strong” and that he had adjusted it appropriately. “Too strong” you say? Hmm. This is SO not the first time we’ve had issues with Cox Cable – and if there were another viable option in town – we would switch in a heartbeat.
  • Air Conditioning: This one was a little scary, but turned out to be the most convenient fix of all. Yesterday the air started freaking out while I was home in the afternoon. It would run for a few minutes – shut off – then immediately come back on. ALL AFTERNOON. It was making me crazy, but I thought it might be something I did to it or that there was a window open somewhere — I don’t know. But the repairman came that night – after 8:00 – to fix it. That’s service.

Altogether – I think I’ve spent about 20 hours waiting on various repairmen at the house over the last few weeks. Ridiculous.

So. Bump is due to arrive today. TODAY! T minus zero. But still waiting…

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