7 days and (YES, I’m) Counting!

So despite the (almost) 3 miles a day we’ve been walking and the sheer will I’ve been attempting to exert on the baby to make an appearance – still pregnant. It is getting increasingly equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. 


I feel a little like I’m cramming for a big test.  I’ve had months and months to get everything ready, read all the books, learn everything that I’m supposed to do (and NOT do) and now that it’s literally DAYS away – I feel like I know nothing. I swing back and forth between being totally confident that I’m ready – and jumping up and down on the Panic Button, not knowing the first thing about having/raising a child. Sadly enough, I find comfort knowing that millions of people do “this” everyday – and there must be some nature involved or more people would fail at it. Right?

I also realize that there’s been a serious lack of worthy content here lately — sorry about that.  My brain is seriously sleep-deprived and a little one-tracked these days. So hopefully, I’ll be back to normal soon — whatever that is. It’s more likely you’ll all be subject to torture by way of stories and photos and videos of my brilliant child doing brilliant things like smiling and rolling over and teething…. Get ready!

One thought on “7 days and (YES, I’m) Counting!

  1. I wasn’t normal again for a year.

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