I’ve probably mentioned before that I have never considered myself a "cool kid". And I’m ok with that. I spent weekends in high school playing bassoon and xylophone in the band and traveling the state performing in drama tournaments — instead of… whatever it is that cool kids do. 

But today! Today I joined the rest of the cool kids! Well… if it counts to be almost 10 years behind…

I have an iPod. Well – to be clear – I’ve had an iPod since Christmas. Saatchi was lobbying for "Coolest Place to Work" votes and gave everyone an iPod video nano for Christmas last year. Very cool gift. Especially since the year before that, they gave us a book and a SSX-branded jacket… So I’ve had this —


— in my possession since mid-December. And it has only been out of the package once… in mid-December. I’ve been telling myself for the last 6 months that I really should bust it out, put some music on it and join the rest of society. But I’ve been a little distracted and it never got done. But lucky for my iPod – I’ve had a furious urge to "nest" lately and "get things in order" — and that included the iPod!

So today was the day. Well, actually it started a few days ago with the downloading (uploading?) of all my CDs onto iTunes (which I previously assumed was going to be impossibly hard to use). And today – in a matter of minutes – I had added over 500 songs to my iPod.

Maybe next I’ll tackle my own reality show. Or whatever it is that cool kids do…

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the 21st Century–

  1. I’m so glad you’re getting these real important things completed before Bump arrives; because you won’t have ANY personal time once he gets here — for the rest of your life!!!

  2. Cool kids, have babies on time. :)    see you soon

  3. I think Mom sounds a little bitter…

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