One step forward, two steps back.

Dear Bill,

I understand I have you to thank for inadvertently informing my husband of the existence and accessibility of the "Sports and Information Tier" of cable channels. We were barely scraping by with only three devoted Sports channels, their HD equivalents, and the frequently aired sports programming on network television. Now, (while we are still only able to watch one at a time…) we are blessed to have access to an additional eleven sports channels.

I suppose it’s only appropriate that – in adding another boy to the house in the last week – we adjust our TV programming accordingly. I trust that we’re prepared– even if Colt gets a hankering for Canadian Football or archived "Classic" basketball games. Though if it were up to his Dad, we would be able to opt out of such wastes-of-space as the NHL Network and the Tennis Channel…

The silver lining here (and you know there had to be one) is that I finally get the Discovery Health Channel! Apparently, the "Discovery Tier" isn’t a top seller — they throw it in when you subscribe to the "Sports and Information Tier". And if it takes wading through gems like the Golf Channel and The NFL Network to get to all the good baby shows on Discovery Health – it’s worth it. Not to mention the fact that football will no longer only seemingly last all year long…

Thanks again for your help, 

One Very Satisfied Customer

One thought on “One step forward, two steps back.

  1. Finally got to see the pictures today– what a cutie!  I will definitely need some hard copies sent over here so I can brag to Botswana about how cute my new nephew is…   :)

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