I know how disappointed you must be. But trust me – no one’s more disappointed than us. Poor little guy probably can’t handle the pressure — Erika pointed out this weekend that there are people on at least 3 continents waiting for a "The Baby is Here!" phone call! He’ll be here soon enough. I know all you vultures really care about is his name anyway! :)

In the meantime, my friend Andrew was in town this weekend from Dallas — and it was really good to see him. Andrew, Jenni and I went to see Sex and the City on Saturday and met up with Jeff for some yummy Bonefish that night.  And Sunday afternoon we took a stroll around campus and found our names on Senior Walk.

Senior Walk with Andrew 001 Senior Walk with Andrew 004

And we took Toby to the fountain. It took him a minute to warm to the idea — but once he figured out how nice and cool it was in there — it was hard to get him out!

Senior Walk with Andrew 005 Senior Walk with Andrew 008 Senior Walk with Andrew 012 Senior Walk with Andrew 010 Senior Walk with Andrew 014

Hopefully I will have baby news soon. Stay tuned.   

One thought on “Still here…

  1. I am not a vulture.  I am going to be a Grandma!!!!!

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