There are 3 parts to this update – as I realize it’s been “forever” since I’ve posted an update. If anyone is still out there… and still reading… enjoy!

1. Bump is officially fully cooked! We are 37 weeks and counting – and are open to any and all suggestions/secrets/old-wive’s-tales for “naturally” inducing labor. Bring them on! I’m going to the doctor every week now and hope to find out tomorrow morning that I’ve made some sort of progress. I was crossing my fingers yesterday since it was both the official 37-week-mark AND a full moon. But alas… still pregnant.

2. Happy Mother’s Day! Mom and Dad ventured up to Arkansas last weekend (8-10 May) for the presentation of the first 1LT Tom Martin Memorial Scholarship at CHS. Becky and I drove down to Cabot to meet them. We really enjoyed meeting Jared and being part of the presentation.

Mothers Day 08 003_edited

We all drove back up to Fayetteville for the weekend – celebrating Becky’s early BD, Mother’s Day, and finally putting furniture in the baby’s room!

Mothers Day 08 029 Mothers Day 08 023 Mothers Day 08 015 Mothers Day 08 016

(More pics in the “Baby” photo album.)


The nursery has truly been a labor of love – my sweet Mom made all of the bedding and curtains and accessories for Bump (note the pillow ) and recovered the rocker, my handy and patient Dad built the changing table shelf and refinished the crib for the little guy, and Dad/Jeff/Mom/Me (mostly Dad and Jeff) have spent endless puzzled moments poring over assembly instructions for things like highchairs, Pack’n’Plays, and strollers. The room is still in-progress, hopefully I’ll be able to post some “officially done” pictures someday soon.

Mothers Day 08 024


Laura: This terribly flattering picture of me is just for you. I am trying to lure Keebler out from under Becky’s bed — though Dad tells me it looks like I’m trying to lure the baby out! We eventually got him (Keebler not Bump) out by showing him a picture of you!





We had a great weekend together, but Mom and Dad had to get back in time to regroup for their trip to Alaska this week. They were able to attend the dedication of the memorial at Ft. Richardson in Anchorage. Pictures are HERE. Mom is in #5, Dad is in #48. I wish we all could have been there.

3. Happy Birthday Don!

Don turned the big 4-0 on Mother’s Day and Keith threw a bash this weekend at the house. It was a Hat Party – so we all got gussied up to celebrate Don’s big day. This collection of photos reminds me of Party Pics…

Don BD 038_edited Don BD 019_edited Don BD 005_edited Don BD 027_edited

Don BD 048_edited Don BD 054_edited

Don BD 026_edited 


First, Second and Third place winners of the “Coolest Hat Contest”.





Don BD 031_edited  


And this is one of my favorites from the evening — GK! When are you due??









Don BD 051_edited


Happy Birthday Don! (More pics in the albums.)







5 thoughts on “Finally an update!

  1. just thought i come by and say hello and very nice pics you have..take care =]

  2. GK’s party was fun, glad you guys came out.

  3. The Bump pillow made me chuckle out loud.

  4. That kid will be “Bump” until he’s at least 30!!  :)

    You are the only one not wearing a hat you party pooper… 

    That picture of you baiting Keebs is hysterical.  Ask Becky about the night i found that toy in petco.  I believe I accidentally threw it across the floor when trying to figure out how to use it…

  5. I AM TOO wearing a hat! Keith told me that anything on my head qualifies — I thought my hat was cute :)

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