So… the blog has been seriously and unfairly neglected lately. And other than my fury at the lack of Fire Lane indicators in Fayetteville – I don’t have any good rants for you. (I promise to tell the Fire Hydrant story soon.) So you’ll have to settle for a good old fashioned Hood Family Update.


First, we are in week 31 now – and have attended 3 of 5 Childbirth classes at the hospital. This week we toured the clinic and saw the delivery rooms and the nursery, and Jeff was constantly entertained by this “older” couple in our class – the husband in which reminds Jeff of Homer Simpson.  It was some much needed comic relief from the C-Section video we watched… Our favorite comment of the night was when we were in one of the delivery rooms looking at the bed, the warmer for the baby, the call buttons, etc. and Homer interrupted the class to ask a question about pizza delivery. Nice. Class is fun – and we are learning a lot. Some of it we classify as “more than we ever wanted to know” – but useful, nonetheless.


We have been laughing at ourselves lately as we’ve become so “domestic”. We’ve been married for a year and a half and, until recently, never really did anything we’d seen “old, married” people do. In the last 30 days or so, we’ve purchased a washer and dryer, assembled a baby stroller, purchased a lawn mower, MOWED our lawn, purchased a dining room table, and – I don’t know about Jeff – but the simple act of dragging our trash to the curb for someone else to come and take away is enough to make me feel like I just landed in “The Burbs”.   


Contrary to popular belief, though, we are still around. We saw 21 this weekend – which made Jeff miss Vegas, we followed the basketball madness pretty closely and have spent many a night at Buffalo Wild Wings with all the other College Basketball junkies, and we’ve been spending some time enjoying the (temporary) quiet at the house – Josh came over last night and we made spaghetti.


I am SO looking forward to this weekend. Mom, Dad (back from their exotic Waikiki getaway) and Laura get here Friday afternoon and we’ll be celebrating Bump Arrival/Laura’s Birthday/Laura’s Going Away – all in one weekend! Hoods and Teeds and friends will be arriving Saturday to join the festivities and it should be a blast. 


Hopefully I will have some fun pictures for you the next time we chat.

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