When asked for my “Most Embarrassing Moment”…

…I’ve never really had a good answer. I usually share a story about Laura instead – because she has “embarrassing moments” to spare. But, as of today, I have a good one.

I was at Flying Burrito for lunch today with my friend Mary. We walked through the line and got our food, and Mary went ahead of me to find us a seat while I paid for my quesadilla. We usually sit in a booth when we go to lunch and today was no different. Except that when I tried to slide into the booth – I DIDN’T FIT! Mary just looked at me with this sad, pathetic look on her face as I was literally wedged between the table (which was welded to the wall and was NOT budging) and the booth. Laughing at the situation might have caused an issue – not being able to breathe or squeezing the baby or something- so I calmly told Mary we should probably move to a table.  She silently got up and helped me escape — hoping no one else in the restaurant had noticed.

I used to inwardly laugh when (large) people would come into Cool Water or Outback and insist on a table over a booth. It took me a while to realize why and once I did I thought – “Wow, they’re really missing out. Booths are WAY more comfortable.”  But now I understand.


2 thoughts on “When asked for my “Most Embarrassing Moment”…

  1. That is a quality story. It made me giggle.

  2. Good thing I wasn’t with you, I would not have been able to not laugh at you!

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