I am trying hard to convince myself that it is due to the shirt I’m wearing today – but so far it’s not working. 3 separate people have made comments today about how big my belly is getting. Thank God they have been polite and limited their comments to the belly…

According to the 33-week email update this past Tuesday, the baby is approximately 4 pounds and 17 inches. A coworker (Kim) and I got distracted today trying to find something in the office that was around that size and the closest we could come was some product on the Fabric Care Account Sup’s desk– a bottle of Dreft weighing 52 ounces. That’s not even 4 pounds – and it seemed SO heavy.  Kim was holding it up in front of her own belly– and then looked up at me and said, “that CAN’T be comfortable”. Yeah.

So I’m pretty sure that the baby has had a growth spurt in the last week or so. This whole pregnancy thing was never uncomfortable or inconvenient in any way until about 10 days ago — let’s just say I’ve already started practicing for the nights-of-no-sleep to come.

In other news, the term “growing like a weed” has taken on new meaning for us. Jeff has been fighting the good fight out on our lawn the last few weeks. He claims that dandelions are literally growing in a matter of hours — he’ll weed the entire backyard at lunchtime only to come home to a spatter of the damned things. We have been intently watching the barrage of commercials for weed-killing-grass-growing miracle products on TV lately and will invest in some if it ever stops raining here for 6 minutes in a row.

If you haven’t visited Laura’s new site – please drop by http://www.freewebs.com/chiquitaq/   She’s posted a few entries and a handful of pictures — on her latest adventure.

She mentioned that there’s a guy in her group that reminds her of Tom — which I think is great. I had a dream about Tom last night – I think he knows that his family really needs him right now. He’s with Laura on her trip and with me getting ready for the baby – and with everyone else in their own daily goingson. I love that he’s as much of an encouraging friend now as ever.

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